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    Popular Games you left unfinished and why

    GTA IV on PS3 - Got to the ending, picked the harder ending hated how far I had to go back every time I died. Though I know I could eventually beat it, no desire.
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    Water Color Super Hero Paintings

    Yay 4 u :)
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    Dark Souls Will Eat Skyrim's Face @ IGN

    Maybe I'm just greedy, but i don't want multiplayer in Skyrim. I will definitely check out dark souls, I wasn't planning on getting it, but all the reviews point to a "Must Have Title".
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    New Rage Footage

    Wonder if the guns will have weight to them like they had in KZ2, the movement seem slow, but gives a cinematic look to it. Looks pretty damn cool, thank for the vids.
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    Convince Me to Keep My 360

    My ps3 whispers sweet nothings into my ear, while my pc makes the best onion soup, my 360 likes to pick its nose and fling the snot at the wall when I'm not looking, and my wii just sits there and cries all day long.
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    Looking into an affordable 3d ready projector

    I passed on the projector and splurged on a 3d plasma tv, I am extremely happy with my decision, this tv is the bees knees :D. This is the one: This one I was able to...
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    Nintendo 3DS Coming...

    I'm getting one, I love gimmicks.
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    Crysis 2 mp demo on PS3 epic fail..

    i heard that it was an earlier build, so they updated to a newer one, and looks better.
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    Kill Zone 3 and Move

    It kind of feels like i have to set up my scene before i start shooting, kind of like a rail shooter hybrid. Maybe i haven't practiced enough.
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    Homefront is...

    Well, its already coming in the mail, may as well play it to understand the hate.
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    Real time ray tracing is getting closer

    I saw this one back in 2007
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    PS3 Killzone 3 bundle $299 (Just announced recently)

    good price, and Its soo worth it. Has anyone tried the PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter with the KZ3 demo? Good, bad? Edit: nm, I believe its not available for purchase yet, my bad.
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    Red Dead Redemption

    I am one of the only few who didn't enjoy this game as much as the rest of the planet, maybe because i just finished playing JC2 (which i loved), i was probably all sandboxed out. It was a pretty solid game tho.
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    Super Meat Boy is ridiculous

    What about I wanna to be the guy
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    treyarch dev says negative 'gamers' are ruining industry

    Even after sifting through all the complaints, it still doesn't effect my decision to purchase a game, same goes for movies.