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    Good Youtube Channel Downloader?

    The free version lets you download playlists up to 25 videos. The paid version unlocks larger playlist downloads among other things.
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    Problems with Handbrake Again!

    It's been a while since your post, but, did you find the answer to the problem?
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    Chrome Remote Desktop down for anyone else?

    not down, but has been a little odd the last couple of days. When I log in, the screen goes white for a good 10 seconds before I get the desktop. I've got about 6 computers in different locations, and they all do it.
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    Thoughts on why my Windows 8 is slow/lagging....

    I was having trouble a few days ago after having installed the adaware antivirus free trial while doing some other installs with ninite. I didn't realize I'd selected that, and I installed AVG at the same time. I removed the adaware one and it's been fine since then.
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    IE and Firefox dont display everything ????

    this is what chrome does for me. Maybe that's easier than just building in support for it. I dunno
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    AMD’s Gaming Evolved Gets a Shot of Adrenaline

    you've got some broken links there.
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    Cloning Primary Drive

    WD drive owners have free access to a version of Acronis which may be of some use to you (Google it).
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    Video Edit Software

    you may want to check out freemake's stuff it's been pretty decent for me converting files. I haven't messed around with any other parts of it though
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    How do i burn video onto disc to play in DVD players?

    That pretty much sums up my experience with DVD players
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    How do i burn video onto disc to play in DVD players?

    Something like Freemake will do the trick for you. copying video files onto a DVD isn't sufficient. You need to convert it to the DVD format. Freemake will do that easily enough, and can handle just about any kind of video
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    2 X RAID 0 SSD or 1 X SSD

    another option we haven't figured in, which may fit the OP's criteria of doubling capacity... Just add a second 120 as a secondary drive. No more discussions of Raid difficulties. No worrying about 'what if a drive dies' Cost is less As there are potential issues with drives, having a...
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    Llano APU question

    yeah, mine does. works great
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    Test: Sandisk Cruzer vs Patriot SuperSonic

    Awesome, thanks. I have some USB 3.0 ports on my desktop, but most other things I use are still USB 2.0
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    Test: Sandisk Cruzer vs Patriot SuperSonic

    Looks good. Would you be willing to throw it into a USB 2 port and show us that result?
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    how much do you use your rom drive??

    ;) Yeah, Yeah. I know.