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    Linus Media Group YouTube Channels Hacked

    OK, I used to watch Linus like way back in the before times like 2010ish or something when he still worked at that other place. Didn't his channel get hacked back then too and the issue was he didn't have 2FA turned on? I could be totally thinking another channel, but pretty sure it was Linus...
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    AMD Intentionally Held Back from Competing with RTX 4090

    The real price hikes were after Fermi when mid-range silicon was being priced and branded high end. GTX 680 at $499, GTX 980 at $549, GTX 1080 at $599/$699 (FE), and the RTX 2080 at $699/$799 (FE). At least in the past you got the big silicon for this price. All these cards mentioned were using...
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    Anyone seriously considering the 4070 TI

    Oh I don't disagree. These are fantastic cards with a good feature/technology set. However, prices are horrible. Prices make a product, so hard for me to get excited about anything this gen. I'm not willing to spend $1600 for a good uplift over my second-hand 3080 Ti. Anyway, I don't think...
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    AMD Intentionally Held Back from Competing with RTX 4090

    I hope you are right. Or at the very least, sure have your halo product but put everything under it back to sane prices. $1200 4080's and $800 4070 Ti's isn't good for anyone.
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    AMD Intentionally Held Back from Competing with RTX 4090

    How is that "revisionist"? Of course reviewers praised it back then coming off of "Thermi", but you do realize in that time period that 30% uplift over last gen with a new arch back then was terrible right? Yet no one called that out. AMD is not immune to that criticism either. The original 7970...
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    AMD Intentionally Held Back from Competing with RTX 4090

    The $500 GTX 680 was also a lousy uplift over the GTX 580 if you consider what was considered normal gen on gen uplifts back then. The real successor to the GTX 580 would be the GTX 780 Ti as its big Fermi and big Kepler. GTX 680 was literally nothing more than mid-range silicon branded and...
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    bought a 3090 FE with a bad fan, bad idea?

    Fan being dead wouldn't bother me, just waterblock it. But dead HDMI port too? I wouldn't buy that.
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    Anyone seriously considering the 4070 TI

    $600 to $750 possibility for third tier silicon and cut down third tier silicon at that. What a time to be alive. If anyone was wondering what I mean by third tier, just look at silicon each gen going down from the top. Lovelace so far has AD102, AD103, and AD104. Other examples of third tier...
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    AMD Intentionally Held Back from Competing with RTX 4090

    They've been passing off xx60 as xx80 with respective pricing since Kepler and the 600-series. Once upon a time a "Titan" or a 4090, or a 2080 Ti was just called a GTX 580 with a full unlocked die, none of this cutdown die (well ok, GTX 480, but you get my point), was the top die, and was $500...
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    Anyone seriously considering the 4070 TI

    Wait. So this has the same core count of the 3070 and is likely to have what...3080 performance? Not to mention its a cut down version of their third tier Lovelace chip. For $749+. Didn't the 3080 MSRP for $699? Way to move the needle there Nvidia...
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    Dish Network goes offline

    I worked for DISH for like 9 months in like 2009. Man let me tell you about how irate people get about their TV going out or sports blackouts in their area. I frankly didn't even know these guys were still around. I haven't owned a TV (that is used like a TV) for probably 12 years now. Oddly...
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    EKWB Lays Off 25% of Workforce, Blames Lower Watercooling Sales

    PPCs really got bigger after FrozenCPU went down the crapper around the beginning of 2015.
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    Adaptors To Allow You To Use A Current GPU With A Three Year Old Power Supply?

    AMD cards just use standard 8-pin PCIe, no adapters should be needed. It's only Nvidia 30-series founder edition cards that use the 12-pin or the 40-series cards (any) that use the 16-pin 12VHPWR.
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    What happened to Graphics Card box art babes?

    Yeah, even Aunt Jemima got the axe.
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    Ubisoft will now report you to police in the UK for so called speech violation

    Look at me, I'm running around with scissors.