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    I can't boot

    It won't detect the CD in the drive.
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    I can't boot

    Problem description: The system is unable to find the boot device Attempted fixes: Resetting NVRAM, Resetting PMU, Option Booting, "x" booting Recent changes: Harddrives died, replaced both. System specs: Dual 2Ghz G5 PowerMac Revision 2, 6GB RAM, many graphics cards installed Operating...
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    Exceeding 1M SATA 3.0Gbit/s?

    I'm in a situation where I'm considering using a few cables to make a series about 1.254M long (10in past spec) I can't find anything online where someone has actually experimented with this. Does anyone have any idea what will happen? Is this long enough to cause problems? What sort of...
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    New build, two questions

    The dual PCIE slots and price originally attracted me to it, but I'll take a look at the boards you mentioned, thanks. The GA-EX38-DS4 looks to be in my price range and feature set. I'm going to end up buying a greater than 42" LCD TV running at 1080P. I currently have no idea what graphics...
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    New build, two questions

    I'm building a new computer for myself and I'm a bit confused on a few topics. I'm planning on getting a Q6600 which as I understand it is a 64 bit processor. I was thinking of getting Asus P5W DH deluxe for my motherboard, but I'm a little retarded and can't tell if it supports 64 bit. I went...
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    Is this the right case for me? CM Stacker

    I'm planning out a new NAS box and I'm having a hell of a time finding an appropriate case for it. I need an ATX case with at least 9x5.25" external bays, but the more the better. Some relevant information: I'll be using a couple SATA Hotswap backplanes (Will take 8x5.25" Slots) with at least...
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    Adding two gigantic numbers [C++]

    I have two text files, they all have 0.[alot of numbers]. I need to add these two numbers. I don't have a good idea how to do this. I can think of a way to do it really inefficiently, but it won't do. I was thinking that I could load the files into an array, every 4 or so numbers would be a...
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    Adding a 2nd video card

    I am looking to add a Radeon 7000 Mac Edition to my PowerMac G5 but I am not sure if it will work correctly. If I add a 7000, will my primary video card loose any performance? Will it disable some features to match the 2nd one? I know I am pretty poorly worded, so go ahead and ask for...
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    Remote Administration

    With RemoteDesktop you can push packages down to each client. If you wanted a free solution, you could create a shell script to ssh into each box (Set up keys, then you won't need password auth) and do a softwareupdate -ia or something similar
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    web server on a G4?

    Server will probably run fine, my buddy runs a low traffic server off a 400 something MHz G4. If you can afford Server 10Client, get it. It makes administration a breeze (Most of the time)
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    Sharing a drive over the network

    Its is not a beautiful answer, but maybe create a hardlink to the root of the disk in a volume that shows up when connecting? I know there was a way to change mount points in NetInfo, but I cannot remember it off the top of my head. I will look around
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    Major issue with Powermac G5

    If your warranty is still good, call Apple and explain what is happening. If you don't we can try some more stuff online edit: Do your fans run up before it goes to sleep? Check your logs, looking for something like "Thermal Runaway", or "Thermal Manager". If your logs do say something...
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    Major issue with Powermac G5

    What model PowerMac? E: Do you have any expansion cards? Do you have the latest firmware? Not sure if you are running tiger but,
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    Mac Mini OS...

    If you buy it new from Apple, it will come with tiger
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    quicktime 7.1

    7.1? Do you mean 7.0.1? I can't seem to find 7.1 on Apple's site edit: You must have, 7.0.1 is a security patch, I believe edit2: