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    Single 560Ti or dual 460's?

    dual 460's will be on par with a 580gtx. just like 6850's in crossfire will be the same. I have dual 6850's and its usually faster than a 580. 27900 in 3dmark vantage with the 6850's crossfire opposed to the 580 i got 26700
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    e5200 retail + ecs g3 mobo = $88 after rebate, free shipping

    bsel mod your cpu for voltage and you should be able to attain alot higher overclocks.
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    E7200 @3.16 @stock vcore - good odds?

    How did you get your voltage up with the ESC motherboard? I can't find any hard modding to do it with! please if you have the shcematics ,can you link me or tell me how you did it? Thanks!
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    HOT Antec Three Hundred 47.99 FS

    39.99 at micro center.
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    Intel Q6600 + ECS board $198.99 AR @ Frys BLACK FRIDAY

    If the Picture in the ad shows a retail box, then it is coming with a retail processor. If it doesnt show the picture the it is a oem cpu. I have bought over 50 combos in my lifetime at fry's
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    Tonight's Shirt.Woot = EXTREME ROFL

    This one is better..
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    2405FPW lag shots

    Lots of you guys do not know what input lag is. here is a video showing input lag type up input lag in you will see many videos.
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    Weekly Fry's Ad they always have all the ads.
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    Hot: Rocky I-V Anthology Box Set $9+s&h

    DAMN IT! I really wanted to get this for rocky 4 alone!
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    finally got my 3000+ over 2.4GHz

    how do you take off the heatspreader on the athlon 64? did you have to modify the mounting bracket for the heatsink? thanks.
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    AMD Athlon 64 3700+ San Diego $279.00

    you can get the 3700+ san diego for 271 at
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    X800Pro for $149

    that deal is correct, its a grand opening for a new compusa in the tustin market place.
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    3.2 Prescott and Mobo $190 @ Fry's

    I know everyone dogs on ECS boards, I do myself. But they are getting better. I had a 2.4 533fsb proc, and it went to 3.4 no problem on the ECS board. Has pretty good fsb options along with minor voltage tweaks, cant complain when the board is free.