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    What VPS do you use?

    I know Kyle said he doesn't have one... but here is mine for Digital Ocean if you want. It gives you a $10 credit too.
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    What VPS do you use?

    DigitalOcean. I have three VMs(two Apache, one Percona MySQL) with them. No issues... I've been with them for two years or so.
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    AMD Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.10.2

    My xfire 290x setup has been pretty good with these. I get some weirdness in multiplayer sometimes but that's about it, haven't really experienced it in campaign. Water starts flickering... next thing you know my fps drops from 70-90(freesync) down to 40s. No rhyme or reason... it usually...
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    AMD Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.8.3

    Hmm... I'll have to check the xbox app issue. I was playing BF1 beta last night with the new drivers/DX11 and it was running beautifully... 2560x1440 ultra at a constant 70-110 fps(freesync). Then all of a sudden out of nowhere it would dip into the 30-40s for a few minutes and then magically...
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    Warm ? 4TB 2.5" (15mm) $139.88 @ amazon

    So tempting... I have 18 bays free in the front of my Dell 720xd hypervisor. And I of course just bought an 8 3TB WD Reds to fill my additional external enclosure connected to it. Decisions... decisions...
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    I'm using my XFX R9 290 DD with a Kraken G10 and a Corsair H55, am I missing anything?

    I have a G10 and an H55 running on one of my 290(x)'s... did not need a copper shim. Also running the gelid vrm kit. Good setup.
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    State of AMD Drivers in 2016?

    I don't game nearly as much as I would like to anymore... I probably get in five hours a week or so now. With that said... lately I've just been playing Battlefront and Sniper Elite 2. I run both at 4k with my crossfired 290x setup. 60fps... no issues. I usually install the latest AMD...
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    Replacement Battery

    I cheaped out and ordered a $35 battery for my 2010 MBP 15" I use at home after the OEM basically exploded and pushed the trackpad up. Came with all the screw drivers and have had no issues with it. Only charges to 99%... but I still get 4-5hours off it. Which is about what I got with the OEM...
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    Should I flash R9 290's bios

    If it unlocks... absolutely. I've been running an unlocked XFX Reference 290 as a 290x for over two years. And before that I ran a Sapphire 6950 as a 6970 for a few years. Usually there is a dual bios switch that you can still leave your stock bios intact.
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    What is your Windows 10 bloatware removal tricks?

    Ditto. Seems to work rather well.
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    Sharepoint Ideas

    Personally... I avoid it like the plague. Others in my organization use it for document collaboration/sharing though.
  12. S announced free membership today

    Especially since Amazon started charging me tax last week. :( Not sure if Jet has a physical presence in my state and will be required to or not... guess I'll find out when I place my first order.
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    Rainbox Six Siege - Beta Codes

    Four more for PC: CXMH-FX8A-YKG6-NTEL AL4X-CMCR-AM4L-PDAC GGA7-6AVP-N67K-TFPM 6YAM-CQWC-X6C3-R44Y *note: CrossFire is broke to all hell for me in the beta.
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    XFX 290X VRM cooling (DD compatible)

    Wow that's pretty sweet... wasn't aware of it. I used GELID vrm kit, NZXT Kraken G10, and some stick on vram heatsinks. Almost makes me want to transfer the GELID/NZXT setup to my MSI 290x and buy this one for my unlocked XFX 290x.
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    Black screen of death

    With my 290x's... it was always the memory clock. I fought with it on and off forever... sometimes drivers would fix it and after a year it was constantly doing it. Finally I realized it was the memory. Now I actually have to run my crossfire setup at 1120mhz for the memory. Can't complain...