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    Getting the MAC of device on other end of line.

    Without managed switches where you can view the mac-address table, this is an extremely difficult task. You can probably look at the data hitting a particular computer and pull the MAC addresses but that means nothing on a flat network, which yours is. You will be forced to map this physically.
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    Custom Desk

    Good lord, I think I got a hernia just looking at it!
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    Xim4 for sale on the 28th, $124.99

    For me, it will be 2:30 AM when this sale starts. Fortunately, I am off that day so I can sleep in.
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    Xim4 for sale on the 28th, $124.99

    Okay, off work now. Here is the link: Here is the front page of the site:
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    Xim4 for sale on the 28th, $124.99

    Sorry, no link - Google is your friend. I am at work and their site is blocked. I read about it on their forums this morning. They claim a much larger production run on this one. Apparently the Xim3 sold out in less than three minutes. This will be my first attempt to purchase one.
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    Advice on SFF gaming build that's suitable for carry-on luggage

    First question: How are you a "noobie, 9 months" but started this thread in 2013? Second question: With the new rules on electronics on aircraft, you wouldn't be able to travel with this unless you are traveling with an LCD and want to put it together and boot it every time you go through...
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    BENQ 24" monitor duck tape mod =)

    Can it be used to shut him up?
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    Do unmanaged switches boost data signal?

    Really? I have, lots of time, even on military bases in the middle east where tactical conditions are less than ideal. Good cable and good Cisco hardware usually equals pretty solid performance.
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    Cisco Network and Switch for CCNA Practice

    There is an advantage to having the actual hardware to work with, but using emulation software comes a close second. There are a few places online that provide certification kits that will provide the hardware you want at a fair price and you don't have to worry about being scammed...
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    terminating fiber

    They aren't blowing you off OP. This really is the type of job that you want to subcontract out until you can get properly certified technicians on your team along with the equipment. Also, while you can get a mechanical connection, you really want to go fusion spliced. Less noise, far more...
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    CDP is a very handy protocol. I use it multiple times a day. I also don't have a problem with VTP. It can make VLAN changes so much quicker and easier. I have never had a problem with it, because if your network is secured properly and if switches get added per a written policy, then it...
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    Had to replace a downed switch on Christmas Eve

    Was this question aimed at me? </me checks original post> Nope no mention of redundancy. Actually, it is a redundant stack, but not fully redundant. Most of the VMs running on that stack of switches can switch to another stack in the other building, but there are a couple that cannot for...
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    Had to replace a downed switch on Christmas Eve

    One of the Cisco 3750's in our Enterprise stack died last night and I am the only one on call this week, requiring me to drive back in and replace it. I hate that damned stack - seriously needs to be upgraded. They are the old 1.5u models with little ram. Anybody else have a holiday emergency?
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    Should I join the 802.11ac bandwagon?

    Run cable, if at all possible. Leave wireless for the devices without an Ethernet port.
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    How do I rename a dir full of files with powershell?

    Okay, tried both of these. I'm a noob to the Powershell so I failed at running the script. It appeared to take the function but when I tried to call it Powershell reported the function didn't exist. I'm sure it is something I am doing. The rename command doesn't support the -literalpath...