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    MacRumors Forum Hacked, 900K Accounts Compromised

    :rolleyes: They were hashed. This was a VBulletin hack. It has nothing to do with Apple computers.
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    MPAA and RIAA Urge Government to Keep High Fines

    Fuck the RIAA and the MPAA.
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    RIAA Makes Drastic Employee Cuts as Revenue Plummets

    FUCK the RIAA, and FUCK the MPAA. Bunch of greedy, money-loving parasites.
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    ISPs To Start Policing Copyright By July 12

    FUCK the riaa and mpaa !!!!! Fuck those scumbags! I hate those greedy bastards. Maybe the movie industry would be more profitable if they actually put out GOOD movies, instead of releasing remake after shitty remake. And the record industry is no better. Music coming out these days is a...
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    Arizona Wants $53M From Amazon In Sales Tax

    Doh !!!! Looks like Arizonians are gonna get screwed now. I love not paying tax on Amazon. I used to buy from Newegg but they decided to build a facility in NJ so I stopped buying to avoid the tax I hate NJ
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    MPAA Blasts Anti-SOPA Blackouts As Dangerous Stunts

    FUCK the MPAA and the RIAA, and any other organization, corporation, or politician that supports this SOPA censorship bullshit! FUCK THEM ! I'm writing my Congressmen(crooks) every day via the automated message that can be found on the EFF's website. :D
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    Best Buy Holding Disabled Girl's Laptop Hostage

    Screw BestBuy. Their products are overpriced, their staff border on retarded, and I hope Amazon and the like contribute to BestBuy having to declare bankruptcy.
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    BitTorrent Case Judge Is a Former RIAA Lobbyist

    FUCK the RIAA !!!!!! And FUCK that unethical bitch !!!!
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    MPAA Sending Copyright Infringement Notices To Google?

    Fuck the MPAA. And fuck the RIAA as well. Nothing but money-hungry suits who are never satisfied.
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    E-mail of the Day

    My RatPad is still going strong after (I think) four years.
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    RIAA: U.S. Copyright Law 'Isn't Working'

    Oh yeah... and pretty soon the RIAA will want royalties from you every time you hear a song in your head. Call it 'Conscious Playback Fee' or something..
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    RIAA: U.S. Copyright Law 'Isn't Working'

    Fuck the RIAA. They could care less about "content creators". They are only interested in lining their own pockets. Fuck the MPAA too. They can whine all they want. Until hollywood starts releasing GOOD films I have no sympathy for them. If I see one more remake film released I think I'm...
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    Tech Bargain of the Day

    Hell with that. I prefer to get my news for free. I bet within 3 months they'll lower the price. Who in their right mind would pay that much? Especially in this economy, the WSJ has some major cojones charging $17.99 a month.
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    Cookie Problem revisited.

    Same here. Tried all suggestions to no avail. Doesn't really bother me though, as its more of a free "security enhancement" so to speak. Just providing my input for Kyle and the boyz.
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    A Year Later, Where's the RIAA's Promised ISP Help?

    FUCK the RIAA. Fuck em.