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    Overheating crossfire Setup 280X

    Even when I had the case off a 120MM fan rated at "79 cfm" on top blowing away from the cards, and 2 other fans blowing from the sides at the cards.. it was still in the low 90s or high 80s(the top card), also the sound was ridiculously loud. Right now I am wondering if I just got a defective...
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    Overheating crossfire Setup 280X

    My house is in the low 70's. One card alone(as in I took the other one out) is hitting 78C at 850Mhz...
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    Overheating crossfire Setup 280X

    Yeah, these cards are pretty ridiculous. I wish Hard and others would test these cards in Crossfire before giving them a yay or nay.... Anyways, back to the topic. I put two fans pointing in from either side(one from outside the case) the other behind the cards. I think I am going to give...
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    Overheating crossfire Setup 280X

    yeah, it is taking lots of heat out when both the cards are running, even when just that top one is running it is dumping out a lot. As far as turning up the intake, I can't since those fans don't have controllers.The air inside the case isn't really terrible though, so I think I will just try...
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    Overheating crossfire Setup 280X

    I am using one of the exhaust side panels now(120MM), but the other one is blocked by a pretty big heat sink on the CPU. When I get home I am going to try cutting some metal off the case and fitting a 120MM pointing at the sandwich card and see if that helps. Also yes, I am trying to mine with...
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    Overheating crossfire Setup 280X

    Individually they get around 74C and 78C(i have this on the bottom). Might not be a bad idea to put a fan at the end. Will probably have to cut up the hard drive bay to do it though. Do you think I should be pushing air at the gpu or pulling it away. I will post some pictures when I get...
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    Overheating crossfire Setup 280X

    Hi guys, I am having some issues with heat on my new 280x's. I bought two Gigabyte 280x tri fan cards ( and the top card almost always hits 95C(I stop the card around this point) or higher after 5-6 minutes of use. I have picked up...
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    OMG you guys made me do it

    I don't think you know what you are talking about.
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    Nevada Gives Green Light to Self-Driving Cars

    I know I am incredibly excited for this. I can just imagine a freeway clear of traffic, since the cars know how to break up traffic jams.
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    epic ATT network fail

    I agree, this sounds like a phone issue. I sent my brother a text message once calling him a "stupid bitch" and every time he received a new message it would be me calling him a "stupid bitch", this went on until he reset his phone two days later...
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    Student Loses US Extradition Battle Over Copyright Infringement

    That is ridiculous, so he is in his own home country and because the US claims he broke a law over here by hosting a website over there he gets extradited...
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    Windows 7 AMD Bulldozer Hotfix

    These AMD fans are complete nut jobs, some of the actually think that the media is trying to smear AMD and make them look bad. A few others think a bios update/patch will fix everything and a few more think if they compiled the program with gcc it will make everything better. This launch...
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    IB CPUs for S1155 Run Quad Channel?

    Holy shit!!! Seriously, that is all I am going to say...
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    Microcenter BF Ad

    Even if you work for minimum wage it isn't worth your time to wait 5 hours, and then be told it's sold out...
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    AMD Performance Drivers out.

    Does this have any increase with single card configurations, or is this a crossfire only fix?