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    What's your strategy for 4ps that are/were folding?

    My 4x4ps move to crunching , but had to turn them all off for awhile. .. Just started to crunch with 2 rigs. Considering selling them but shipping is really pain in the butts :D
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    PrimeGrid Recognition Thread

    Cullen - Amathyst PSP - Gold SoB - Amathyst Woodall - Silver That's it! .. would stay this way for awhile. Need to turn off all rigs for awhile (at least till winter)
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    PrimeGrid Recognition Thread

    Cullen - Amathyst PSP - Silver (will be Gold soon) SoB - Gold Woodall - Silver That's all I got :D
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    What is your daily production thread

    Don't know why i got one BIG spike yesterday .. :D
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    Leaving BA and Folding

    Just switch boinc like many of us....
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    Supermicro H8QGi+-F (tear ?)

    Torin, The OCZ psu i use is OCZ-XZ 1000 ... and 2 PC-power cooling 950w .. they are all working fine.
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    Supermicro H8QGi+-F (tear ?)

    I do have 1 OCZ 1000w on my rig and it's been working fine.. don't have the model on top of my head now. Will check and let you know.
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    Bitcoin fails??

    who care..
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    teamviewer - PCs showing as offline despite being connected to internet

    Check IP addresses on those 2 PC ..if they are changed.
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    4P BA Rig started failing all work units

    Might want to run memtest
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    Change in BA requirements

    They pay GPU manufactures to run "stress test" for couple hours? :D Or they might hack your rigs to run fah :p
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    Change in BA requirements

    From what i read Texinga's and MKD's posts, PG owns FF and VJ supports FF's staffs. To me, fah is DONE!
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    Change in BA requirements

    Good to hear that he cares. He seems to be a reasonable guy. But like I said, if he doesn't own FF, it's pretty much nothing he can do.
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    Change in BA requirements

    Do you think VJ would care? If yes, what could he do? Does he owns that forums?
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    Change in BA requirements

    hehehe .. I'm glad I moved to BOINC ... :D .. eventhough my goal was getting 1billion points (doable in few more months) .. but screw it .. as well as PG ;)