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    Nintendo Wii U

    Wait, so now I waggle a 6.5" tablet controller instead of a wiimote? :confused:
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    Did anyone pick up The Sly Collection?

    I'm kinda curious about this myself. I never had a PS2 but read they were great games. Seems like poor release timing going up against the CoD 'Blops' juggernaut. There's not even a single 'critics' review on Metacritic currently.
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    Digi Cam Poll: What Digital Camera do you use?

    Just got a Nikon d90 and Nikon 16-85mm vr last week.
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    Come see our latest creation

    lol, AT&T can't even handle the iPhone traffic–now they're going to add even more?:eek:
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    Crucial Ballistix keeps failing on me

    There's a couple of Ballistix kits on sale at Newegg now, am I crazy for even thinking about buying them? I currently have 2x1gb Crucial Ballistix from 2-3 years ago with the D9 chips and they've been great. However, I recently upgraded to Win7 64-bit and would like to add some more RAM. I...
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    Steam Winter Sale is LIVE!

    Grabbed L4D2 since the sale is about over. I was hoping to get it for less--but $33 is a decent deal.
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    AT&Fail? What the HECK AT&T?

    We have a winner!
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    Show off your OSX desktop

    Well, if you like it–here's the link.
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    Steam Weekend Deal's a good one: Orange Box $9.99

    I'm in for one. Already have HL2 and TF2...but really wanna check out Portal, Episode 1, and Episode 2. And now I can gift HL2 to a friend.
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    Is my card (7900GT) dead?

    Man, sorry to hear that Superhuman. I hedged my bets. I figured I was about due for an upgrade and ordered a HIS HD4850 IceQ4 last week. It arrived today.:D I was just going to use the Evga RMA as a back-up.;) Clocks on the 4850 so far are 700/2200. This thing kicks ass for $145...
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    Is my card (7900GT) dead?

    lol, so I've been really busy lately and haven't been able to send it back. Went to do that tonight and when taking a RAM heatsink off the card, the RAM chip pulled off. I was told to take off the Zalman VF900 I put on there and it came with the Ram sinks. I guess after being on there for 3...
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    Is my card (7900GT) dead?

    Not a problem. Have the RMA label to send it back now. Just have to take off the Zalman vf900 and put the stock cooler (can't believe I saved it) back on tonight. I'll send it out tomorrow morning. Should be about a 2 week turnaround time.
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    Is my card (7900GT) dead?

    Thanks for the help everyone. I've tried older drivers and newer drivers--still having the same problem. I'm talked to Evga and they will RMA it for me. Thanks.
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    Is my card (7900GT) dead?

    Tried the latest Nvidia drivers (182.06) still happens. PSU and temp readings seem fine. "][/URL] Evga called back and said to see if it happens when I run Furmark. Going to try that now. BTW, the machine in my sig is 11 hours Orthos stable as well. So I doubt it's the RAM or CPU.