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    Iptorrent Invites

    Anyone have a IPT invite I could get? was away for 6 months and unable to login and lost my long term account with about 2tb surplus upload credit... *sigh* oh well. Don't have anything to offer in return right now, but don't have to worry about me being a bad upload/download ratio guy. Thanks.
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    a really stupid question

    Multi-Function Displays. Which are the F1-10 keys.
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    Poll: Will you be buying a 2080Ti/2080/2070?

    Sticking with my 1080 Ti, early benches only show 25% improvement at 4k so far. Waiting until at least the next generation after this.
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    Segway Drift W1 Self Balancing Roller Skates Are Available for Preorder

    Did you even watch the video? He was gushing about them the entire time saying how easy it was to pickup right away and pretty intuitive, the only thing he said was "scary" was going over a bump at first...
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    Rumored Specifications for Intel Core i9-9900K, i7-9700K, i5-9600K

    According to wccftech it is, Personally I'm waiting for Icelake since that is supposed to have some meltdown/spectre fixes and be a new architecture to boot.
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    Elon Musk has an Idea for Saving Boys Stranded in a Thailand Cave

    Pretty much. Started raining while they were inside heavily and before they could leave their exit was blocked up already.
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    Is buying an Nvidia GPU today a bit foolish, if Volta is (said to be) coming soon?

    I'm afraid that even when Volta launches prices are still going to be what they are now or possibly worse. Nvidia came out the last few days and said that gpu prices will remain high and be even higher through Q3 2018. Lots of articles on it...
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    Intel 10nm/7nm CPU/GPU Rumor Thread : Cannonlake, Icelake, Tigerlake, Sapphire Rapids, etc.

    I thought Ice Lake was going to be a new architecture, if Tiger Lake is after that, wouldn't it just be a refresh/process tweak of that instead of something more significant? I thought Ice Lake is the new big change coming up.
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    Soul Calibur 6 coming to Xbox One/PS4/PC in 2018

    2018 should be pretty good for fighter games. I'm hoping the Dragonball Z Fighter Z coming out late Jan. will get some interest back in 2d fighters. Maybe help introduce the style so Soul Caliber 6 will have some more interest when it comes out, although fighting style will be quite different I...
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    Low watt processor with decent performance?

    Did you read his post? He says it runs 24/7 and that he's in a higher KW/hr place. 4 cents?!?! who the hell pays that? I'm in WI and pay 13.8 cents, I'll assume he lives in a even higher state and just say 15 cents a kw/h. A few posts down he says its idle'ing at 200 watts, thats $20.16 at 15...
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    Monoprice Not Keeping Word on Warranty

    Wow. Leave that shit for reddit and 4can, jesus. Yeah you are acting like a little bitch, what is so hard to understand about reading the terms of warranty and replacement. Oh it's too difficult? Just gotta throw a temper tantrum to screw someone else because you want to renege on it 8 months...
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    i7-7700k $299 @ Amazon

    7700k just came out this year, not long its really mature... The motherboards are pretty much copy paste's of those since like you said, its still the same thing as the kaby lake boards, which were exactly the same as skylake before it...
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    Had my Rift + Touch now for a few days.....

    I think I know what you're getting at. I experienced something a little similar when I first tried out Coumpound Demo. Using the thumbsticks to move around in that game was giving me a dizzying feel if I moved too fast, which I just assumed I was starting to feel motion sickness. Moving around...
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    Playstation VR $50 off w/Fry's code, today only. $299

    Just noticed todays Fry's mailer has the Playstation VR $50 off with free shipping. 9/16 only. Seems like a decent deal for those that have been waiting. Can't imagine black friday going much lower.
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    Are you happy with your Pascal investment?

    Upgraded from Fury X/970 to 1080 Ti, definitely satisfied with the performance upgrade. Even at 1080p. Currently have it hooked up to my living room tv which is only 1080p instead of office room with 4k Freesync monitor, but I setup my Oculus rift in there. Makes VR so much better than the...