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    Is a Catalyst setting causing in-game text to appear grainy and blurry?

    is it only web browsers that have the issue? you could turn off hw rendering. a lot of nvidia people need to do that due to bsod issues, so your sort of in deep shit on either boat. suppose its a handy thing about keeping my 5870, the drivers are extremely stable?
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    Is a Catalyst setting causing in-game text to appear grainy and blurry?

    theres i remember two different ways to align the rgb cells of a monitor and microsofts cleartype assumes the common one, see if playing around with cleartype yields any results? Your 460's perhaps didnt do such a good job at doing the AA thing with dx10/11 titles as your current card, just a...
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    Is a Catalyst setting causing in-game text to appear grainy and blurry?

    try setting in CCC and games the 'worst' AA settings possible manually. try it in the games first, as theres no way in drivers to set zero AA. The dirty secret of AA is its really the equivalent of using the blur tool in photoshop all over the edges of geometry.I personally see no reason/point...
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    Smartphone to get?

    my galaxy s2 stock battery CM7 runs 2~3 days light use, ~4 hours playing games on it or 8 or so hours web browsing. just dont run the lcd at maximum brightness, theres a huge difference in power consumption at 100% compared to 60% but only very slight visual difference. I imagine there will be...
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    5870 - where to next?

    I run a 5870 and still have not even had a reason to overclock it yet and i have played most of the games out there, always 1920x1080 and always completely maxed out and highest DX level selectable in-game. I personally feel that until we start seeing truely next gen games come out such as...
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    How many screens of output can be rendered froma video game?

    Yea, they will call them higher resolution displays ;) the industry has been slacking. theres no way to seamless a monitor without weird optics which will equally drive me crazy *shrugs*
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    How many screens of output can be rendered froma video game?

    i personally dont dig the multi display deal at all unless you do it projector style, the separation between displays drives me apeshit, i run dual monitors for the 2d aspects not 3d
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    How many screens of output can be rendered froma video game?

    ati for eyefinity demo in the 5xxx series ran 24 displays. Displayport supports daisy chaining up to 4 displays per channel, obviously special hardware was used for the monitor hookups as displayport isnt even adopted fully yet, never mind daisy chaining
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    Considering a chilled loop, thoughts?

    if you want to do it cheaply as possible use a window unit AC and a icebox like you'd go camping with, take apart the AC, but dont cut any of the copper lines. mod the icebox so you can close it and also make holes at the top-ish and bottom-ish so you can run the pump through it. MCP655's can...
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    Need a laptop for university with 6+ hours battery life

    my T510 with standard high cap battery lasts 5 hrs at maximum brightness all radios on, i have got it to last 8 easly. and the battery extension module is rated for 12 hrs+ :eek: They are remarkably well thought out and built. things you begin to take for granted, silly things like being able...
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    New and Improved Watercooling Sticky - Post Your Systems Here

    Actually, you would be surprised how many cards you can cool with generic gpu water blocks and a 80mm fan, i been doing it for almost 10 years now. you just cant do those multi gpu cards without serious modifications. Its a lot easier if you can locate gpus that have segmented/missing vreg...
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    Post your "rate my cables" here

    Its actually my case he linked. It is a old photo and i fixed it up a little more. but this should get you a general idea yellow stuff is kapton tape(get asked that one all the time) if i do not find a better case...
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    Post your "rate my cables" here

    It was red but to my disappointment it turned pink. Have been unfruitful thus far finding a case that I considered to be an improvement
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    Post your "rate my cables" here

    Finally got inspired to tinker around with the wire management with my new hardware. Anyone have any suggestions/comments? Dual Loops plus raid array is tricky to fit in this case, but i cant find any cases that i like better that would improve my situation. :(