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    John Daly's Golf on PS Move

    thats what she said. yep i had to.... carry on
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    Star Ocean: The Last Hope

    wow, i put like 145 hours and there were still two bosses after the last 2 dungeons that i couldn't beat. personally i fell in love with this game but it might be because i how much i like the style of games like this. Tales of Vesperia was huge hit to me as well. i just gave up. after...
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    which spiderman game is the most fun?

    another vote for web of shadows!
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    5750 and hdmi issue

    thank you i will give them a shot.
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    5750 and hdmi issue

    Computer crashes whenever HDMI is unplugged or input is changed on reciever. i noticed this when changing between inputs that my pc would be in mid reboot by the time i saw anything on my tv. when w7 got back to the desktop it had recovered from a crash and when i expand the message before...
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    ps3 or 360 again.

    if your friends all have ps3's get one. if your doing the math don't forget to add up the extras on both sides. ie: extra controllers and things like that.
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    Enhanced God of War Blu-ray announced

    so we cannot have bc because they want to resell all these games to us again. :( ps2 games just sitting on my shelf that my ps3 wont play but i no longer have a ps2. awesome games but the fact they removed software bc just to sell everything to us again leaves a bad taste.
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    Guitar Hero 5

    same here. i even went and made my band all random avatars. really cool stuff. sorry you guys dont like it. my biggest complaint is how hard the hard setting is...
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    Guitar Hero 5

    wow i got it and thought it was fun. did you guys even play the game?
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    Tales vs Lost Odyssey?

    tales without looking back!! awsome game. lost was good but its not near as good as tov.
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    Valkyria Chronicles.... Best game since FF7

    i like the battle system and strategy aspect but it feels empty other then that. i will sleep on it and play a little more. thanks for the input. btw i loved Star Ocean, Blue Dragon, and Tales of Vesperia. i like just wondering around if i want to.
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    Valkyria Chronicles.... Best game since FF7

    ok please tell me it isnt only instance after instance... i mean there is a chance to explore and find stuff and wonder around right? not just page after page of instance after instance? i really dont like how you cant do anything but play the movies or enter a fight sequence. i just got the...
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    Valkyria Chronicles.... Best game since FF7

    do you not run around and primarily use a gun?
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    Valkyria Chronicles.... Best game since FF7

    mgs4 is a no go for me personally just not interested. not really a big shooter fan more of a rpg and adventure type person.