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    WTB STB Black Magic VooDoo II Rev c.

    Mine has ram on the back too. Bought them new off ebay years ago and only tested them. I think they have what was the tennmax stealth coolers.
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    Doom 3, W10 and AMD

    Doom3 may not be using the best render path. seta r_renderer "best" // best, arb, arb2, cg, exp, nv10, nv20, r200, nv50 // ARB2 was the render path that Carmack had intended for // NV30/R300 and newer cards to run on anyway...
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    Doom 3, W10 and AMD

    Try uninstall drivers with ddu and install newest drivers afterwards. If it's a steam game could try to verify files. Delete and down game again.
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    razer basilisk going to sleep after like 2-3 seconds?

    That was a nice price. I just bought 2 of these mice for laptop/desktop for $40 a piece on sale. Neither one have a problem so i would say yours was a dud. I have had mine for a week or so at this point. I had bought and returned a G602. G203 and a G502 hero before these mice.
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    The 25 best games of the decade

    Nice work. Some of those are in my backlog. I played Portal II this year. I didn't get why people consider better than portal I. It seemed to out stay its welcome with me. I only played single player though. The Last Of Us was really good. Sadly the trailer for TLOU2 Didn't seem appealing...
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    Lexip Ceramic Glide Feet - $9.99 Normally 19.99. Bought for same price at Bestbuy (9.99) On cloth pads these glide great and are quiet. Hard...
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    Origin Sale

    If you have played the first mirrors edge, catalyst is just a rehash of the first game.
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    HOT ! Various 1TB NVMe with coveted E12 Controller $135 aprox retail

    Are there nvme drivers for these e12 cards?
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    1tb 970 evo plus nvme ssd a bit slower than advertised.

    Have you tried using the high performance power plan in windows? Laptops uses a lot of power saving features by default that cause hardware to be slower.
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    Is a 128GB SSD and 500GB HDD enough for a basic student laptop?

    Sell the 128ssd and buy a 500gb nvme. Thank me later. I doubt a laptop will run raid for srt. I just installed a 1tb inland nvme in my laptop and windows is faster than my 860 evo sata ssd on my desktop making me want to upgrade my desktop. Worthy upgrade imo.
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    HOT ! Various 1TB NVMe with coveted E12 Controller $135 aprox retail

    Just got my overpriced 1tb inland from amazon. Crystal disk info shows firmware ECFM22.4. Does that mean it is running 12.3? The tool listed from a few pages shows firmware commit fail. My speeds seem a little slow in my laptop but I did just clone windows onto it and running from the...
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    Smoking! Inland 1TB SSD $79.99 @ Microcenter

    I hope they hit $50 soon! This is a sata 3 drive with TLC. How is reliability on these?
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    Gamescom Game Ready Driver 436.02

    There were many more than 5... I feel like there's a better answer than that. Thanks though. Maybe since most dx10 games can fall back to dx9 or forward compatible with dx11, then they just don't care about dx10?
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    Gamescom Game Ready Driver 436.02

    Can someone explain why its dx9 and dx11 getting fixes. What happened to dx10 and 10.1?
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    Control pc requirements revealed The mins seem high... Makes me wonder how good an older maxwell gpu might play it.