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    Amazon Prime HD Videos Stuttering

    Did you ever get any resolution to this? I am having issues with stuttering ONLY in amazon instant video and ONLY when it steps up to 1080p, using a quad core AMD A6-5200 APU on an ECS KBN-I-5200 HTPC setup with windows 10. Using a gigabit fiber connection benchmarked at over 950mbps...
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    Ditching Blu-ray And DVDs To Go Digital

    I don't have time to wait 60 damn seconds for my stupid POS blu ray player to boot up and I am sure as hell not wasting more money on a newer one. Digital plz. Discs are pointless for me.
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    Mozilla Reveals Firefox OS Developer Phone

    Number of people who would purchase this phone: Approximately 3.
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    eBay Mandatory Binding Arbitration Opt Out Date

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    Patriot & HardOCP Lucky Draw Giveaway

    I agree with the above poster, my reason for liking Patriot is price/performance!
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    Iptorrent Invites

    Here's my lame substitute then:
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    Hitler Finds Out About Bulldozer Benchmarks

    Yep that's where I am on it.... AMD needs to do the best they can to provide competition for Intel and nVidia. Realistically, at stock speeds in multithreaded apps it's between a 2500k and 2600k which isn't exactly awful. It is in the same ballpark, the differences aren't as bad as the...
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    Hitler Finds Out About Bulldozer Benchmarks

    If they can make an affordable 12 or 16 core could they redeem themselves? lol. It would still suck at gaming and single threaded stuff :(
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    AOC Unveils 16-inch Portable USB Monitor

    They do actually make a crapton of the LCD panels that go in everybody else's monitors... I think they just aren't that into retail anymore.
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    Kingston Digital Ships SandForce-based HyperX SSD

    That's easy: attempted destruction videos... heh heh.
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    Google TV Revue Returns Greater Than Sales

    I've never heard of it. Guess that's part of the failure..
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    HTC, Android in Serious Trouble

    So they patented uhh.... highlighting links? Wow. Grats.
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    Windows 8 Video Preview

    God, there isn't much worse than reading people bitching about operating systems. So is this going to be the "every other version of Windows" everyone hates, when in reality they are all damn near the exact same thing? Get over yourselves.. :) This looks like it will be usable on an amazing...