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    Still On Windows XP? Here’s Some Bad Advice

    If you you are gonna keep using Xp use a guest account instead of admin.
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    Manual Windows NT Driver Transfer

    Good old nt4, no plug-n-play and device manager.
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    Manual Windows NT Driver Transfer

    I would back up the drive with a program like acronis. Then put it in the new system.
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    What 18 Popular Websites Used To Look Like

    Some sections went away, and genmay happened.
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    Prince Targets Facebook Users in $22m Lawsuit

    Prince is odd and smart at the same time as Kevin Smith explains.
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    10 Low-Impact PC Games That Just Let You Chill

    auditorium is my game
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    TomTom for Android: $23.99 with lifetime maps

    I'm still sticking to my tom tom one v2.
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    Police 'Stumped' by New Car Theft Technology

    Nope, they are pretty easy too like the dodge caravan from that era.
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    How People Spend Time On Their Consoles

    I use my Wii to stream movies from my PC. The 1 game i do have for it, Excite Truck is pretty fun
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    I want my USB ports to work with PC off..

    Yep something in the bios. I know on my pc if i shut it down, power will still come from the usb. Unless I unplug the power cord and plug it back in.
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    Today Only - Nintendo Wii = $44.99 shipped.

    Just got this one Included: Wii Console, Wii Remote, Nunchuk, Sensor Bar, Wii Ac Adapter, Wii Av Cable
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    Today Only - Nintendo Wii = $44.99 shipped.

    Ok went to get one and it's random What's in the box? Wii Console Wii Console Stand Wii Remote ""Nunchuk"" Wii Ac Adapter Wii Av Cable Wii Manual(s) What's not included? Wii Stand Plate Remote Strap ""Sensor Bar"" Sensor Bar Stand Wii Sports Disc Wii Sports Disc Manual...
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    Today Only - Nintendo Wii = $44.99 shipped.

    Unless i'm reading that wrong, Its Product Grade:5
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    RIAA Sues Napster

    kazaa k++. It funny that this still works. I think it's like WOPR in WarGames 2 "The Dead Code" only 5% of its potential efficiency