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    1366 x58 Xeon Enthusiast overclocks club

    My LinX score matched close enough to my GFlops from 2015 so I didn't think about it.
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    1366 x58 Xeon Enthusiast overclocks club

    I just built an i5-4670k machine for work from used parts, figured I'd compare it to my trusty daily 5670@4GHz. Same 1600MHz 16GB DDR3 (different brand/timings, but close enough). 5670: Cinebench R15: 908 Cinebench R20: 1857 HyperPi 0.99 1M 19x: 22.x seconds LinX 0.6.5 8192MB, problem size...
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    I ran Cinebench on all CPUs I could

    My x5670 6c12t @4GHz just got 1857 on R20. Stock i5-4670k I just built for work got 1409. The i5 blew it out of the water on HyperPi 1M though, 12sec vs 22sec. And Linx 173GFlops vs my 72GFlops at the same settings.
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    Spectre Variant 4 Disclosed, Mitigations to Result in Another Performance Hit

    It's taken Intel until Coffee Lake to have a mainstream processor to adequately replace my X58 Xeon hex, and soon it'll have the same performance. Great, haha.
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    Far Cry 5 Video Card Performance Preview @ [H]

    My 980 with a bit of overclock sits at 60fps vsync on Ultra at 1920x1200. I set the FOV to 90 before I started, 75 didn't sound right. The graphics may be more of the same, but it looks awesome and considering the age of my machine I'm thrilled that I get to still play new games. The story...
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    Elon Musk Claims Tesla is Making AI Hardware that Might be the Best in the World

    But it'll be the best in the world because it won't kill us all? I hope our new robot overlords will be kind.
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    Oregon Admits It Violated Free Speech Rights of Mats “I Am an Engineer” Jarlstrom

    No, it just prevents me from giving myself a protected title to try and make myself sound more important than other people.
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    Oregon Admits It Violated Free Speech Rights of Mats “I Am an Engineer” Jarlstrom

    I have an electrical engineering degree from a good Canadian university. But because I haven't gone through the long post-grad process to become a Professional Engineer, I cannot legally call myself "an engineer" at all in Canada. The term is protected federally, and regulated by provincial...
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    Bacteria Found on International Space Station May Be Alien in Origin

    Someone should have wrapped up the station. Now it has space aids.
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    Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Performance Review @ [H]

    Wow, finally a game that I want to play that my 980 won't be enough for at 1200p@60Hz. Thanks for another great review guys!
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    Intel’s First 10nm Chips Coming in 2017

    One day Intel/AMD will finally give me a reason to upgrade from my X58 Xeon. Either that or this 8 year old hardware will finally shit the bed.
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    Intel Unveils the 8th Gen Intel Core CPU - Intel's Best Gaming Processor Ever

    Having recently built a Ryzen B350 system for my parents, I look forward to seeing an out-the-door mature platform that may finally replace my X58 Xeon hex system. The Ryzen processor is impressive, but the platform experience has left a sour taste in my mouth.
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    VW Announces Massive $84 Billion Investment in Electric Cars and Batteries

    You'll wonder why it's there, but they will still somehow find a way to turn on that check engine light.
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    The BBC Announces Doctor Who’s Thirteenth Doctor

    Another gap to next series? It's been so long since series 9 that I forgot when the 10th was going to start, and my fb feed so devoid of 10 talk that I didn't know it started until the series was over. Now over a year wait again?
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    Minnesota Woman Fatally Shoots Boyfriend in Failed YouTube Video Stunt

    The onus is on her to say no. Cya later, life.