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    A Picture I Took 2017

    Here's a few from outside Nellis AFB.
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    A Picture I took 2016

    click for big. Walked up the hill to take some pics of the strip, from about 10 miles away. The horizontal lines are helicopters flying around. T2i, 100-400 L, 5 sec exposure, here's the album:
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    Advice on SFF gaming build that's suitable for carry-on luggage

    My Fractal Design Node 304 case fits nicely in a standard rolly carryon bag, with room to cram some clothes/towels around the edges to pad it. Have to take it out at security and run it through by itself, but otherwise no issues with a full up gaming build and corsair self contained water cooler.
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    Haswell Z87 SFF motherboard list

    TBQH I want it to be the ROG :P
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    Haswell Z87 SFF motherboard list

    MSI ITX is up on Amazon Any one heard anything about these?
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    asus rog mitx

    Hmm, was hoping to build a new rig before Quakecon, might have to look at some of the other options.
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    asus rog mitx

    Anyone heard anything about a release date for these?
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    Corsair "Barebones" Christmas Giveaway!

    Corsair just works! And any issue is taken care of with great customer service!
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    Four Weeks of Galaxy Give-Aways!

    Triple monitors aren't gonna run themselves!
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    Corsair Giveaway - Force Series™ GT 180GB Solid-State Hard Drive

    Less spinny, with faster gee bees!
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    $50 off Multi Monitor Stand = $99 (not MIR)

    If you want a real, high quality, no BS mount, get a Chief.
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    Evidence Against BitTorrent Users Slammed In Court

    The argument about the honeypot is that if the rights-holder actually makes it available themselves, no infringement has occurred. Also, if it's actually a misidentified junk file (i.e. a file made to look like the copyright material, but that does not actually contain the material) then...
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    Staples $100 off any* tablet - valid through 7/30/2011

    Jumped on a Galaxy Tab 10.1. The guy didn't even know he had them in the store yet, website said he did and I asked him to check and he came out with one from the back.
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    A Picture I Took - 2011

    Here's a few from my vacation up in Alaska. Link to full set at the bottom. All shots with a t2i and sigma 20-200 OS. Anchorage at 1130pm Ruth glacier from the air, near Mt McKinley Mt McKinley at sunset Mt St Elias at sunset, from the ship. Margerie Glacier...
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    Weird Problem

    So I recently got an SSD and loaded win7 64 bit on it. Everything was going swimmingly, except I'm unable to play any games with a voice chat app open. Mumble and TS3 both cause the machine to hardlock with out a bluescreen or anything. If I don't run them, I can game for hours. I've tried...