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    Windows 10 Usage Climbing As Windows 7 Share Drops Sharply

    yep stuff like this always brings out the conspiracy nut jobs and there tin foil hats.
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    Fallout 4 Patches Will Release On PC First

    just the terminal bug which is easily fixed by capping.other then that it works flawless and smooth as silk.
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    Fallout 4: Real-Life vs. In-Game Boston

    only issue i had was the terminal bug, but all that was needed is to cap fps.other then that game works flawless with everything maxed even god rays.smooth as butter.
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    Fallout 4 Shipped 12M On Day One

    its a awesome game.only issue i had was it was running the game too fast aka terminal bug but capped fps and works flawless.
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    Awesome Home-Made Wooden Counterweight Desk

    i got the plans and me and my dad are gonna build it when we get time.i'm gonna make multiple height points.
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    Fall 2015 Solid State Drive Technology Update @ [H]

    yep i agree i've had mine since before they came across the pond and i hammer mine hard everyday and has not throttled once!.but i have a 540 air which imo is a great case for cooling.most people that complain about throttling are using crappy cases and mutiple video cards.all my stuff is water...
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    Samsung 950PRO, when?

    ya i hammer mine daily and never goes above 50c.but i have a corsair air 540 which is a awesome case.the biggest killer is people that have sli and no airflow.
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    Where is the 512 variant of the Samsung M2 NVMe?

    from flexx in the uk.had mine for a few weeks now.
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    Apple Hopes To Charge $40 For TV Subscription Service

    fire tv stick+kodi+addons=everything and that only costs 40$ too.
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    NVMe M.2 drives. Where are they?

    mines on its way from the uk already shipped.i got the 951 nvme 512gb version.
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    [PCIe 3.0 NVMe SSDs] Intel 750 400GB or Samsung SM951 512GB?

    samsung sm951 nvme.mine ships to me on thursday.
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    Goodbye ASUS

    i've been using asus boards since abit left the scene.i have countless friends still using there boards dating back to athlon-conroe systems still in use for asrock i would'nt take one of there boards if it was given to me.
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    Is the evga 980ti hybrid the best overall 980ti?

    worth it in spades.mine boosts 1540 and never goes above 50c.and also very quiet.and yes orientation of the rad is VERY important.and my asic is 70%.
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    EVGA 980Ti Hybrid in stock at newegg

    got mine a few days ago.same spot as your diesel but im using a 540 air case.
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    ASUS SABERTOOTH X99 LGA 2011-v3 Motherboard Review @ [H]

    oh and one other thing don't waste your time with that ai suite software stuff.