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    Blizzard Workers Share Salaries in Revolt Over Wage Disparities

    These likely aren't software developers complaining. Software developers are still somewhat scarce. But game testers? There's a million people knocking down your door to play video games for a living. On top of massive supply, it is full of people willing to fuck themselves over for an...
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    Team T-FORCE VULCAN Z 64GB (2 x 32GB) DDR4 3200 @ NewEgg $189.99

    Dunno why it's broken out into multiple listings, but what appears to be the same stuff is 199.99 there as well as $209.99. and
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    Apple ARM Based MacBooks and iMacs to come in 2021

    It is an educated guess. One thing I have seen come up more and more in the Intel vs. Amd threads really applies to this whole move by Apple. That is the fact that amd CAN'T unseat Intel. Not because Intel can out engineer everyone but because amd is reliant on tsmc and tsmc doesn't have the...
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    iPhone 12 Won't Include Charger Or EarPods In Box

    Do you really not have a mess of chargers at this point? Heck I have several quality 4&5 port chargers permanently installed about the house and have two sets of garbage earpods stil in the box on my desk right now, somewhere I have two sets of garbage purple roku ear buds and at least two more...
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    Apple ARM Based MacBooks and iMacs to come in 2021

    Ooh you are brilliant. The fact that apple has a 1.5 trillion market cap means they can't possibly be idiots or lack caution or market insight. Yet Microsoft, a 1.4 trillion market cap company were idiots. Even if apple has their act together on the OS side, which historically is not a...
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    DF: Future-Proofing Your PC For Next-Gen Gaming

    Hmm. I'm going ot guess this console generation will be much like every other one. It looks like it is some amazing leap because very few games bother reching for the limits of PC gaming capability. So we are all shocked when we see the first gen on games allowed to stretch their legs a bit...
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    Microsoft Teams for Linux. Is it any good?

    Since this has been resurfaced, I'll add some updated info. Teams ui is still death by whitespace. It is also now replacing lynx aka Skype for business. Integration of o365 features had gotten much better, and inviting and sharing with outside collaborators is light years ahead of where it...
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    Android tablets...?

    For android, there's samsung, or buy what is effectively a disposable device from lenovo or asus. The LG mentioned upstream is nicer than most, but also pricier. Honestly, the decent android tablets have risen enough in price, and apple has dropped the base ipad enough in price that there's no...
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    Apple to release first ARM Mac without Intel processor in next 18 months

    Adobe is working on it. Last I checked, most of the CC suite isn't there. MSOffice is in similar state, you can have the mobile apps which are not feature complete compared to office, or you cna office for ARM which has... problems. It'll probably get there, but ARM right now will be a major...
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    Arstechnica: The Mandalorian was shot on a holodeck-esque set with Unreal Engine, video shows

    Yup this is just basically a riff on introvision with real time CGI as the projection.
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    Number of Switch vs. Wii games launched over first 3 years

    1) All the wii U games just got a direct port with minimal added content and a $60 price tag. SO very little development time. 2) nearly every piece of indy crap (and some of the good stuff too) on the unity engine is in the switch store as downloadable content. 3) There are actually some...
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    Office 365 Pro-Plus to Change Chrome's Default Search Engine to Bing

    FYI, they listened.
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    Office 365 Pro-Plus to Change Chrome's Default Search Engine to Bing

    I will post here as well. If you are an o365 admin for your organization and this will impact you and you have support, call up and open a ticket. Doubly so if you have a BAA covering data privacy, HIPAA, FERPA, etc. The shitstorm of the last 24 hours has gotten their attention, and now is...
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    O365 people, please go vote against MS's planned browser hijack

    Some added info. Going through documentation for this, unless you pushing out GPO's or are able to deploy group policy locally yourself, this will indeed periodically reinstall itself after opting out. FYI applying pressure on this subject has gotten MS's attention. Now we have to keep it...
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    Microsoft Teams for Linux. Is it any good?

    It's supposed to be like slack or discord. It's UI/UX needs some serious TLC IMO as it is a study in death by whitespace. But that is now. MS has lots of plans for it and most of them that have been stated or hinted at revolve around leveraging the integration layer that will eventually glue...