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    Stand up desk reccomendations

    I have a Jarvis desk (from before they were called Fully). I still run it today and love it.
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    Naked DSL?

    The only active part of the splitter is goign to your telephones. Essentially the "DSL" side of your splitter is just passing the line straight through. The filtering is only needed when you add non-DSL items to the same loop. The service you are looking for may also be known as "dry loop" DSL...
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    Removed some malware off work computer. Now it doesn't connect to the network correctly.

    Have you tried calling your work's IT department?
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    Ghetto Lan Rig All-In-One Build

    How well does it balance? I'd be afraid of the monitor pulling it down.
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    Wired Router Recommendation (small business)

    pfsense would be my go to for a frat house environment Hardware could be anything, definitely doable for under $700 and gets you a ton of nifty features you may or may not need
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    Using own router with Verizon Fios

    Option 1: Assuming you use MoCA (coax WAN port) Turn on RFC Bridging mode on the VZ router and plug your personal router into the VZ router. Option 2: Ask VZ to switch your WAN to the ethernet port in the ONT and then plug your router's WAN straight into this ethernet port.
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    Anyone have any experience with Calix GigaCenter?

    As a customer, I just want a traditional ONT with a ethernet handoff. Let me plug the rest in. I can't give any input from the carrier side.
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    Which other sites do you browse/use for sysadmin-type news/discussion/help? is my daily read
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    Avaya/Nortel ERS 4500 switch reverted to old config?

    If you do a copy config nvram does it error out? If so, probably bad flash onboard.
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    Avaya/Nortel ERS 4500 switch reverted to old config?

    Did a save not get performed prior to the reboot?
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    Anyone notice an explosion in email spam?

    I've been getting them too on my Yahoo account. Lots of the spam with the random numbers on the end.
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    Who, besides Cisco, for enterprise access switches?

    Brocade (Foundry really) -- good big switches. I used them at my old job and never had any issues Nortel/Avaya - All the Avaya routers and switches are really just Nortels products. People seem to like them a lot more than I do, but I never had to manage them day to day in an office Juniper -...
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    PBX for company

    How big of a system (how many phones/locations/trunk types)? Do you need UC features? IP or TDM?
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    Are Juniper SSG5's useful anymore?

    Good for branches and low traffic sites. Good little routers, but they are becoming "last generation" compared to everything else out there.
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    Need help with my first quote on a networking overhaul

    Currently I do install VoIP for a living -- it may not be REQUIRED to make things work, but no vendor will talk to you until its implemented. It's the most obvious "Best Practice" in VoIP.... especially if there is ever a question of call quality or fax/modem connection issues over the IP link.