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    Any places you trust that can anodized aluminum ?

    Fixed your quote :D ...................but I rarely use the forum anymore. I replied to an email sent by op. Anodizing is something you really have to prep ahead of time so there's no worries about how it will come out. 99% of anodizers will destroy parts if not given proper direction. If...
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    Are you happy with your MacBook Pro Unibody purchase?

    I've gotta say....compared to the older Macbook Pro and Macbook Air (in terms of build quality), this is 100x better. Everything on the laptop comes apart easy, including the display glass. So at least you know if you ever have to replace something, the parts will likely be on ebay...
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    Creating temp access to cpanel for webdesigner

    Ah ok, he just mentioned he needed phpmyadmin, wordpress, etc so I assumed he needed access to get all that installed right.
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    Creating temp access to cpanel for webdesigner

    Ok this is probably a very stupid question but I can't figure it out. My webdesigner was going to transfer the new barebones website over to my current host. I can create a subdomain and an ftp for him to log in on but won't he need access to cpanel? If so how to I create an account for...
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    New iPod Nano Leaked: Pic Inside!

    I'm not so much a big fan of the new design. It seems odd. Almost like they didn't put much effort into it.
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    Help with some Macbook Pro LCD questions

    From what I know there were something like 4 different LCDs for the C2D Macbook Pros: Samsung, LG, Chi Mei, and some generic compatible. Are these all the same? Can I mismatch replacements? From what I remember the only physically different one is the Chi Mei brand which had different bezel...
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    So I finally plated the 3G iPhone in gold...

    My poor thread got hijacked :D kidding. Yes it can be plated in anything...Copper, chrome, black nickel, 24kt yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and platinum. The finish can be flat, brushed, or polished. Once we get a metal to stick to the plastic, it's the same old method of plating...
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    So I finally plated the 3G iPhone in gold...

    The touch is entirely different than the 3g iphone...Touch parts are cheap and easy to do (cept the front bezel requires a lot of stripping if you want that also). The iphone 3g is plastic and it's not a decent platable grade either so it takes a lot of babysitting at the tanks to make sure...
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    So I finally plated the 3G iPhone in gold...

    Probably won't be making anything out of plastic for it. Like I was saying, the laser can cut anything out...I can make a pattern of random heart cutouts over most of the surface so it opens up area for better reception. I'm not sure if one design is better than another though. I'll try a few...
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    So I finally plated the 3G iPhone in gold...

    Apple would probably have a fit if I used their logo. The original logo is painted on unlike the old generation which was a separate metal piece. I've done a few celeb things but I'm not sure if my products are mainstream enough for them to see it. Would be fun to design some...
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    So I finally plated the 3G iPhone in gold...

    Let me start by saying it's a prototype. I have a feeling there's going to be some reception issues with a plated case but maybe some of you can help where I'm not an expert. Since the 3G housing is plastic that means I can laser engrave holes, squares, whatever into the housing before...
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    Got money burning a hole in yer pocket???

    I've gotta say, paint just isn't as cool as it once was. I'd say plating is the new pink.....but it costs me an arm and a leg to do since so few companies really do it (well). I've gotta keep researching different finishing methods to find something cheap for everyone.
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    New iPod Nano

    I'd imagine if Apple were to create a new one it'd look like a mini ipod touch but with the buttons and bezel in pink (if any bezel exists).
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    Modders wanted . . .STAT!

    Can I be a judge? :D I doubt if I entered that gold plating really would win these days. They're probably looking for talent :D
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    Dream Machine 2008 (Blackbird)

    I'd do something but there's too many other things going on right now. Plus the cost to plate something like this is crazy.