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    Decision between AM4 motherboards

    I'm personally going to try to do everything MSI when I do my new build. Only had one board with them but I was impressed and it's still going after several years. Hoping the MSI MAG X570 Tomahawk WiFi will be out by the time I'm ready which is 2 or 3 months.
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    Nvidia giving away 0077 Extremely Rare GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Cyberpunk 2077 Edition GPUs

    Giveaway requires social media AND FRIENDS on your social media. :(
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    So glad you guys told me you can't buy it anymore as I have some limited edition at home with a silver Tommy and something else in it that I was going to sell. Think I will just hold on to it.
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    FS - Asus ROG G750JS 17 Inch Gaming Laptop

    Will have pics tomorrow and a generous price drop bump. PS - Every time someone views this thread but doesn't make an offer a kitten dies. You guys don't like kittens?
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    Forum is too fast now

    Wow a user name of Byle_Kennett. That's GENIUS!
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    FS - Asus ROG G750JS 17 Inch Gaming Laptop

    I was fortunate enough to bring my mother in law over from Cuba this past year. With the purchase of this laptop you can help me send her back, bump.
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    FS - Asus ROG G750JS 17 Inch Gaming Laptop

    Id be happy to get 3 dogs from the local shelter and buy a carton of cigarettes if you would prefer this laptop to come from a smoke filled hair filled home bump.
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    FS - Asus ROG G750JS 17 Inch Gaming Laptop

    Comes from a pet and smoke free home but drugs and alcohol rum rampant bump.
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    New build, Ryzen 3600 getting 95.5c max temps

    Wonderful video explaining thermal paste too much/too little
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    FS - Asus ROG G750JS 17 Inch Gaming Laptop

    Purchased May 30 2014 new from Amazon. I used this as a desktop replacement so it is in perfect shape. None of your typical grease marks on any of the keys/spacebar as I hooked it up to a monitor and keyboard mouse. There is only one issue with it and that is that the battery is defective. So...
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    Unfortunately it is time to go.......

    I was banned recently for the first time ever (30 day banhammer) with no warning so. This is a nice improvement, although I have no plans on getting banned again.:)
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    Suggestions for new build

    You said it yourself. You have a 10 year old rebranded Seasonic that is working fine. I would stay with them if looking for a new one.
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    New Build, Ryzen + nVidia SFF

    I watched this thread as I am going to build a similar system soon but with a regular mid tower ATX. Someone answer this mans question! :)
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    So now that W7 is EOL, can you still activate W10 with W7 keys?

    Did 3 at work in the last week. Just upgraded from Win 7, no key was needed.
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    Can't install KB4528760 Error: 0x800f0831

    If I remember correctly there is some sort of folder where windows updates are stored. It's a cached folder. Delete that folder and try Windows Update again. Sorry that I can't be more specific.