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    Newegg Deals

    "~Hot~ deal expires today Westinghouse Silver/Black 47" 16:9 6.5ms 1080p HD Video Monitor Model LVM-47W1 final price $1,599.99 + $99.99 shipping" That monitor was also $1399 a week ago before they linked it on is that a Hot Deal?
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    Official 3dmark06 scores here (please read first post before posting)

    4626 3D Marks 2167 SM 2.0 score 2324 SM 3.0 score 926 CPU score ATI X1900 XT-X,, Stock Clock Can't publish because drivers aren't approved, but here is a screenshot. Screenshot of ORB info.
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    ever going to review a voodoopc?

    I would assume that the computer manufacturers have to submit a PC for review to them for free. If you look at, it is bascially free advertising. The only downside is when things happen like with the first comptuer, things show up broken or wrong. It gives you a bad review instantly.
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    Best DLP TV \ projector for under 2000?

    I have been looking into getting the Optoma H31 as well. You can pick it up for $1089 with a free 100" screen from I still haven't decided on the audio components of my home theater though.
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    The Lian Li Gallery

    Here you go.
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    Post your "rate my cables" here

    Finally got the camera out and took some pics. What do you guys think?
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    The New, (now) official, Show off Your Video Card Thread

    Okay, I finally busted out the camera and updated my computer pics. ATI X850 XT PE in all its glory.
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    The Lian Li Gallery

    thisisglen's case is clean, but when you only have 1 optical drive and 1 SATA HD, how hard can it be to hide the wiring?
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    ATI...chases the buck...NOT producing high end cards anymore

    I don't understand why everybody is worried. Go buy a "Built by Nvidia" card, oh wait, you can't. Obviously ATI is just trying to gear themselves towards becoming like Nvidia. Yes they are aiming towards chipsets and oems, but so does Nvidia. It's where the money is. They probably put a lot...
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    ATi Canceling X850XT Orders?

    They are available, and they aren't much over MSRP. You just have to look at the right online stores, and find the best deal.
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    ATi Canceling X850XT Orders?

    Well, just messing with it today, I have only overclocked the core to 560. I played a few different games, and had no problems. I will keep tweaking it.
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    ATi Canceling X850XT Orders?

    I was able to purchase my ATI X850 XT PE (OEM) $565 with all the accessories from I ordered it last Sunday, and it shipped out Monday. It arrived at my door on Wednesday using the FREE UPS Ground shipping that they offered. I am very pleased with the card so far. I haven't...
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    Lian Li PC-V1000/V1100 Owners

    I was just using a small ruler. I will get my tape measure tonight and remeasure it for you.
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    Lian Li PC-V1000/V1100 Owners

    Roughly 5 1/2 inches deep.
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    does anyone on a Lian Li V1000B?

    I have the PC-V1000W, standard aluminum with window. I really like mine a alot. I have the Antec 480 NeoPower, and it fits just fine. I upgraded from the PC65, and it was definitely worth the money.