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    Oculus Connect 2 Keynote Replay

    Wow, this is so far behind Hololens, it's a joke.
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    Internet Growth Slows; Most People Still Offline

    No one claiming the internet is dead? Strange, when pc sales slowed, so many news organizations, bloggers and tech sites said PC was dead.. every single year.
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    Legendary Disney Animator Draws In Virtual Reality

    Five and a half minutes of BS to see a few seconds of drawing in 3D space. Then you realize they edited out the artist panning around the drawing because 3D drawings look like shit at different angles.
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    YouTube's Video Pick Spells Doom For Adobe Flash

    html5 doesn't look HD even when set to 1080, it also looks kind of blurry, this is in Chrome too
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    25 Invisible Benefits of Gaming While Male

    There was a time when I wished there were more girls playing, I regret making that wish. The majority of games were not made with the mindset of girls playing them, it's like girls wearing men's underwear and complaining about it. Also multiplier is dominated by kids which make adult males...
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    corrupted photos on microSD

    Sorry to hear that. Plug into PC w/ USB, open computer, rightclick drive, tools tab, under error-checking click check now. If the default settings don't work, then do it again and select "scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors".
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    looking for a case that fits 2 contained liquid coolers

    or 2 liquid coolers that fits in case ms800, they for a dual cpu socket setup I currently have the following and the case and coolers are do not fit: case ms800 2x heatsincks h80i mobo z9pa-d8 thanks
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    NSA Uses The Internet To 'Manipulate And Destroy Reputations'

    "Deny / Disrupt / Degrade / Deceive" NSA really likes the D
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    NVIDIA G-SYNC DIY Kit Installation

    DIY = destroy it yourself
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    help, cryptolocker, I have no options other than to decrypt

    I had the same guess, I was definitely mistaken:
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    help, cryptolocker, I have no options other than to decrypt

    So basically my brother go infected by cryptolocker and he got infected, so his files are encypted. Ransom won't work, decrypt server is toast, this is a virus out of control. Seems like it's also impossible to decrypt once you're infected. But I was thinking, I'll take that challenge. I...
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    case w/ extra room up top for 2x H80i

    Hmmmm, in this pic it does seem like it has a tiny bit of extra space beyond a fan: I found this list of h80i case compatibility list, i'll start going through it to find my preferred case: H80 & H80i COOLER MASTER CM690 Std...
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    G34 for video editing, but what OS and CPU?

    zalman ms800, it doesn't fit my H80i in the top part of the case, so I want to either get a new case or thinner liquid coolers
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    case w/ extra room up top for 2x H80i

    I have dual socket mobo and 2x H80i already. H80i is too wide and deep for my current case which is Zalman MS800 and I want to attach them to the top of the case. A hot-swap cage w/ at least 2 bays would be nice too. Any recommendations? Thanks.