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    How would this work: Email related

    Unfortunately I don't have access to that info at the moment. I seen them briefly when a guy was telling me about the shenanigans. Thinking on it I don't think it was used.
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    How would this work: Email related

    How does this work usually? Email address is Employee got an email from Reply to the email works however looking at the headers shows it's origins are not the company email server. The only issue is the domain doesn't even exist. Employee email is using the...
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    Network pics thread

    New UCS gear.
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    Network pics thread

    Will do.
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    Network pics thread

    Some Raspberry Pi action for a large room multi monitor setup.
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    Multi Display Software Large Room

    I'm having trouble finding what it is I'm looking for. The setup is I have one PC with 10 HDMI ports. I've got 9 42" displays connected to this PC. The displays are hung on the walls around the room which is about 45' x 25'. This room is used for emergency operations. THings like VDOT...
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    Looking for a service similar to Dropbox

    I've deployed OwnCloud at a couple locations and I use it at home. We may roll this out in house in the next few months. OwnCloud is free and is pretty nice.
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    God help me, I made the full transition to Apple..

    I installed FreeNAS on my spare PC and threw in some 5400 rpm drives. FreeNas has a feature to where you can share a drive as an Apple Share and Time Machine service sees it just like it would a Time Capsule device and sends all backups to it perfectly. Unless I check on it every now and then...
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    Can a case be made for IT SysAdmin primary computer be macbook pro?

    I don't think I'd ever be able to get my manager to see the need for a Mac. I have one at home and I love it and everytime I use my Dell E6330 at work I really miss the gestures and etc. On my home Macbook Pro I have my bootcamp install virtualized in Parallels when I need any Windows app...
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    My Kid

    I suppose. That would be pretty [H}ard. :D
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    My Kid

    Wow dude. This is a guys home. OpenDNS is what I'd go with. Good luck.
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    Talk to me about Cisco UCS

    That sounds fantastic. How was the upfront cost compared to say the other big three?
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    Talk to me about Cisco UCS

    Hey guys. We are a Dell shop and that has been the case since before I worked here. We had some IBM x series here at one time and there and of course our i5 but 95% was Dell. Dell is having a lot of trouble. I'm concerned about how this will impact their research and dev processes moving...
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    Cacti Weathermap - Post Yours

    Cool thread. I'll post one up soon.
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    Scrollout F1

    One thing I forgot to mention was MailCleaner. Really cool product they have paid version and the free community version. We are looking at it too and it seems promising. Download the free community edition ISO if you want to give it a try sometime. Setup and running in five minutes...