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    Mounting ISO files in Windows 8

    I used to be able to mount ISO files as a virtual DVD-ROM on my Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro. Now on my DELL XPS 15, there is no such option. Whatever software was on the Lenovo, it seemed to be part of Windows 8, as I had not installed anything like DAEMON Tools on it. Can anyone confirm if mounting ISOs...
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    What version of Windows was current when .NET Framework 3.5 was released?

    Thanks a lot, guys! This helps so much!!
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    What version of Windows was current when .NET Framework 3.5 was released?

    I understand that, but during the installation of programs like CorelDraw and SolidWorks it is notifying me that .NET 3.5 is required to complete the installation process. Then when I try to install .NET 3.5, I'm told that installation cannot proceed because .NET 4 is already on my system. The...
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    What version of Windows was current when .NET Framework 3.5 was released?

    I need to use a version of Windows that does not force me to use a version of .NET that's newer than 3.5 when trying to run software like CorelDraw and SolidWorks, both of which are asking for 3.5 Windows 8.1 does not allow me to install .NET 3.5
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    Best Usenet/Newsgroups Service?

    After taking a break from newsgroups for a number of years and getting what I needed via torrents, I'm considering going back now. What's the best Usenet service? Giganews? Looking for recommendations. Thanks.
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    iTunes question - What format are the digital downloads?

    I have a noob iTunes question. I am about to buy some albums. What format am I downloading? MP3 files? A propietary Apple format that only iPods and iPhones can read? Just wondering what I'm paying for.
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    What the heck is Bonjour, and do I need it?

    I see Bonjour got added when I installed Quicktime. What is it?
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    Software emulating Nvidia or ATI graphics card

    The new version of Autodesk's Mudbox requires an Nvidia Quadro or AMD/ATI FirePro series graphics card. I'd like to run it on an Acer Aspire S7 laptop, but it only has Intel HD 4000 integrated graphics. Is there software that can emulate the required graphics card that would allow Mudbox to run?
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    What's the difference between Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro?

    What's the difference between Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro? Just wondering because Windows 8 is $40 bucks cheaper.
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    I don't understand the appeal of small Tablets PCs

    After trying one out for a couple weeks along with some tablet accessories, I don't understand their appeal over a nice touchscreen Ultrabook. Ultrabooks are thinner, have better keyboards, bigger screens, better design, just better all around. Why would I want this? When I can have this?
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    ASUS ZenBook Touch U500VZ

    It's time to upgrade to a new laptop. I've chosen the ASUS ZenBook Touch U500VZ. The problem is no one sells the darn thing. It was supposedly released last fall. I found the Microsoft store is selling something that seems to match it...
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    IE favorites being sorted alphabetically, daily, instead of by time added

    Internet Explorer USED to sort my favorites by time added. Now, for whatever reason, each day, they're sorted alphabetically. Not sure why it changed, but It's really annoying. Any idea how to change this? I hope it's not a permanent feature from some Windows update.
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    Performance lag caused by slow network connection

    Very strange thing happened. I took my laptop over to my friend's place who has wireless internet. My laptop would not work over there either, which ruled out my ISP back home being the problem. I left it over there turned on for about 3 days. I did a restart and it said it was configuring an...