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    Need SIM - Going to Canada

    Just curious, does Canada have 4G LTE like here in the USA?
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    AT&T Unlocks

    I think there is something called the gevy card you can get to make the iphone 4 unlocked.
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    Samsung Galaxy S5 Watch Thread

    I think that bot is from China. His English is horrible.
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    Samsung Galaxy S5 Watch Thread

    I got the Galaxy S4 Active and love it!
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    Front Mount Radiators??

    front mount radiators are great on cars. LOL.
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    Noctua NH-U14S CPU Cooler

    Noctua, I think these guys are from Texas.
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    Beware of LAMPTRON

    oh yes, I remember lamptron.
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    GTX Titan vs. Tesla K20/K20x

    telsa all the way!
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    Notebook Cooler & Dual 12" Cold Cathode $25.34 shipped

    Hardware Cooling has the Cooler Master Notepal P1 with Cooler Master 12" Dual Purple Cold Cathode kit for only $25.34 shipped. The Cold Cathode Kit is worth $10. It's only 50 cents with the notebook cooler purchase!! To get the cold cathode kit you have to choose it from the dropdown box...
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    $5 HDD Cooler, System Cooler, Fan Card is having a memorial day sale. Offer expires Monday at midnight. This is the email I just got from them. Vantec Spectrum UV Fan Card $11.99 Extended Slot Cooling Fan $4.99 Ball Bearing System Exhaust Blower $4.99 Ultra Silent S-Flex 120mm Fan $9.50 Scythe Kama Bay use...
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    Kensington Wifi Finder $4.99

    Do you know how many people got stinged in the past from Tiger with mail in rebates?
  12. P sizzling sunday sale 4/30

    wow, so much on sale. Larger selection then newegg! hehehe.
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    Logitech G15 $44.95

    Yeah, that's right, refurb sucks. I had too many bad experience with refurb stuff. I would stay away from refurb products as much as possible.
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    Logitech G15 $44.95

    YOu gotta love this keyboard/mouse combo. I'm using the MX5000 and I love it.
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    AMD Super HOT Coupons!!

    AMD processors rock!!