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    Dell U2515H

    Hey guys, so i need some help / opinions. I have a U3011 monitor but somewhere in the end of the year i'm going to move to a new house and for what i've been checking, the space i'll have for my desk is not as much as i have now. Having a 30" monitor in a desk along side with a Air 540 will be...
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    Leaked Bulldozer benches ???

    Some users should really read what's a core, how it works ... and try to analyze the Bulldozer architecture a little bit further and try to understand how it works before posting "opinions" where the arguments used are poor and show the lack of understanding in what they are talking about...
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    NVIDIA 3-Way SLI and AMD Tri-Fire Redux @ [H]

    7Upping the frequencies is good for raw power ... but i think we all know that we should do reviews on lower frequencies right? I mean ... overclockers are a niche ... Most users will just play with everything at stock ... or at low overclocks ... So... it's like painting everything pink...
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    What is the point of Asus Smartdoctor?

    I hate Smart Doctor. Had it on my 580 DCUII ... just hated the usability ... who developed that GUI was not thinking about the user in mind ... i mean ... really small handles ... can't type values ... and ... well ... in general, not that great ...
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    Warning: XFX's silent revision on the 6970

    guy's... been trying my sapphire in a friends system ( i'm still assembling my water loop ) ... The cards were able to go as high as 960Mhz without any voltage increase ... Not bad for a "crippled" pcb huh? :)
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    Warning: XFX's silent revision on the 6970

    eheheh don't understand this as me making it a problem ... i'm just trying to understand, really :)
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    Warning: XFX's silent revision on the 6970

    hmmm ok, Sapphire didn't change SKU but changed the model ( SR to SR2 )
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    Warning: XFX's silent revision on the 6970

    What's the problem with the Chil voltage regulator? Here's a GTX480 Lightning with the same regulator But i'm still to see a new revision of the reference card with all the phases ... Powercolor, XFX and Sapphire don't have it :x where the hell can we get a amd reference card, from amd itself?
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    Warning: XFX's silent revision on the 6970

    Well... the bios switch is a extra that some vendors may loose in order to get lower prices on the cards... i really don't care about dual bios :) Btw, i've been checking and the new ti digital mosfets have a max temp of 150ºC what's great...
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    Warning: XFX's silent revision on the 6970

    Tiger... a) this is the new reference card. Sapphire also gives a SKU to this card that is the same than the old reference... so this is the new "reality" ... and all vendors will start updating their stocks as they go. b) Why do you say it's cheaper components? They are using new Texas...
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    All games are running choppy with Crossfire enabled

    What card did you have before those 2 ... was it a clean install or not?
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    3xSLI GTX 590?

    1 minute research would show you this Only 1 connection for SLi ... so no way you could even think going more than 2 cards in a system ... even if the mobo/architecture allowerd ... that it doesn't ... as others said ... max is 4 gpu's :)
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    Warning: XFX's silent revision on the 6970

    ... but ... just one question for all of you ... why are you being so "extreme" with the idea that " this pcb sucks" ? Is it because it's missing the dual bios and 1 missing inductor? Or are you saying that it's a worst performer?! I really don't get it ...
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    Warning: XFX's silent revision on the 6970

    Not only XFX ... Sapphire didn't include the dual bios either...
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    Warning: XFX's silent revision on the 6970

    Heres a pic of the powercolor PCS+ with the same PCB but with dual bios ... although it does not have those extra 2 phases in the rear of the card... See image here Btw, people see a missing inductor and automatically say it's worst ... but we should understand this PCB better... still can't...