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    Old games you would like to see remade.

    Warzone 2100... Great game imho. I'd give my left testicle if some company would pick it back up and remake it :D And would that be game before MDK2? With Max the 6 armed/legged robotic dog... that kind of thing? If so... Hell yes. Not just for the 360, everyone and their mother is making...
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    Project - Shark Bite (9/03/2007 - Start)

    Wow... That's good stuff. I also agree with the comment of trying to clear coat the CF sticky stuff... Something to give it that shine that says, "Hey! I'm a sexy beast! Look at me!" But still, it's a helluva nice case. I'd buy it :)
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    The official "clean desktop" club.

    I have to say, that looking through this entire thread during a 5 hour class was much more productive than the usual sleeping that I get done. So many of you have amazing desktops, and even those who "don't" you still get props. :) <3 Anywho, this is pretty much my setup right now... I had...
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    Tonights Sunset....

    First one is absolutely awesome. Props.
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    STALKER worth playing?

    I found the game to be absolutely amazing. The realism of the game is top notch... As was said, most people who don't like it usually don't have the system that's required to play it well or they can't understand/adapt to the way the game works. There are ricochets in the game... Once I got...
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    Chenming Mod

    I can't find it on the net with it'sspecs or anything like that. I'll describe it as best as I can though. It's like a corded Dremel that hangs up over head, only instead of a little motor like most of the hanging Dremel, it's got a big almost grapefruit sized motor on it. It has a pedal on...
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    Chenming Mod

    wow. It's been a while since I've posted anything here. I've got nothing else done on the case since my last couple of posts thouogh. It got set in the corner and I kept putting it off and putting it off and putting it off, and now, over a year later, I've got almost no extra money for my case...
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    watch out rev n' roli: it's poon and spoli's best-friend watercooling extravanganza

    Yeah... He doesn't look like one to trust with any sort of tool that uses electricity :D
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    Project: Batman Begins (completed!!!)

    WOW! Just... wow.
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    watch out rev n' roli: it's poon and spoli's best-friend watercooling extravanganza

    Wow... Lookin' nice guys. Keep up the good work. This is a nice little twist to the usual worklogs and I'll be lookin' back in on this one.
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    H2O Reactor

    Wow. Looks really good. I'm looking forward to the finished product. Great work.
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    omg, i just got scammed on ebay, buying an A8N32-SLI!!!

    I'dhave to say that that's a killing offense. Hope you get you money back dude.
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    Project OBLIVION: SN41 mod (No 56K)

    Looking good.
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    Project: Pirate Sonata

    Me wants more... Looks good so far though.
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    Antec Sonata Mod Worklog

    Nice job. Looks amazing!