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    Starcraft II is free to play now

    I didn't realize it's been free for two years. The wait is over.
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    Godaddy $0.99 domain transfer

    That's what I do. I transfer out from one registrar to the other every year if I can find those elusive discount codes. You can also just make a new account each year and you're a new customer all over again. Godaddy likes to close accounts that have been dormant for a few years. I have...
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    Godaddy $0.99 domain transfer

    If you're a new godaddy customer use code GDD99com1. It expires in March 2020 I think.
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    100 GB data shows as 1 GB

    Upon further investigation it appears I had installed the earlier Paragon AFS+ for Windows version 9.1 a while ago. On a Windows 10 computer without Paragon installed it did not recognize the drive. It said the drive is uninitialized. On the Windows 10 with the Paragon installed the drive...
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    100 GB data shows as 1 GB

    I have a Seagate external drive formatted in NTFS that I used for both Windows and Mac. I used Paragon software for Mac to allow me to read/write the drive. One day Windows 10 didn't see the drive any longer. In the Disk Management it shows as an uninitialized drive. Windows asks me to...
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    Fujitsu 4 pack AA $9.27

    Highly unlikely. I know many make arguments by comparing pictures but that is so unreliable.
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    Fujitsu 4 pack AA $9.27

    From my understanding Fujitsu acquired the rights to the original sanyo eneloop battery technology while Panasonic got the scraps.
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    Fujitsu 4 pack AA $9.27

    Should bring Christmas cheer to all at Newegg.
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    Need Anti-Virus Recommendations

    You can open an Ally bank account(free) and they provide you a subscription free to Webroot. No minimum balance required.
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    How do you backup with integrity check?

    I currently backup my data using drag and drop to my harddrives and flashdrives. When one of my flashdrives started goofing off and corrupting individual files I realized my backup routine sucks. Of course the drive never gives me a hint that something has gone awry. I randomly checked a few...
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    Do harddrives employ write spreading?

    Well do they? Do harddrives have a read/write-wear strategy or do they always write sequentially, writing at the first empty sector? If I save a 2 MB file to disk and then erase it and then save again does it occupy the same physical space on the disk?
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    Free Mass Effect 2 at Origin

    You are welcome.
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    Why Cortex A7 feels faster than Cortex A9 processors?

    Are you saying the same ARM cpu model by different brands can have different performances?
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    Why Cortex A7 feels faster than Cortex A9 processors?

    My LG G Vista phone is equipped with a Qualcomm Cortex A7 1.2 GHz cpu and Adreno 305 GPU. My Insignia tablet has a Rockchip Cortex A9 1.6 GHz and Mali 400 GPU. Why does my phone runs smoother than the tablet even though it has a lower clocked and previous generation ARM cpu? Scrolling the...
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    Should I use Polymer Capacitors for replacement?

    What's an acceptable leakage current for a capacitor?