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    Vista thrashing of the hard disk

    Blue Falcon likely hit the nail on the head. Indexing can be disabled for most people. Vista will basically randomly access the HDD, generally while not in use. It wouldn't shock me to see it doing it while a process has been running for a while, but no keyboard/mouse activity is going on...
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    moving the windows default location of the Program directory?

    Pfft, if everything posted here was right... :p I actually see this on patches more than installs.
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    Windows Corrupt Profile - Why does it happen?

    Good answer to "why" questions (especially this vague)? "I don't have a clue." It's really a good answer, and 99% of the time, it's the truth. I had it explained to me this way by an instructor, and it clicked. It took 5 years and 10,000 different people to create windows 2K. That's the OS...
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    moving the windows default location of the Program directory?

    I'm not sure what the exact commands are, but I'll throw out this general caution when changing default directories. Lazy programmers hard code shit like c:\program files\blah blah blah. There are a lot of lazy programmers. I'll see if I can turn something up after a few quick searches...
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    Should I disable pagefile in Windows XP x64?

    Howdy, Don't disable the page file, give it a set size (min=max). Somethings never change. ;)
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    Forum Warning

    Step in the right direction. Two things stopped me from posting here a while back, those auto-link thingies I'm not seeing and mountains of thread crapping.
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    How to find Windows XP boot directory

    The cheesy way would be to run "set" from the cmd prompt. The "official" way would be to look at the boot.ini
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    Anyone see this @ newegg?

    Same shit different thread. Features at a glace, I'm not reading the whole thread to see if someone DID answer the question.
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    Synching Folder over Netowrk in XP?

    Another HDD, redundancy FTW.
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    Vista hurts gaming performance?

    Did you read my last post? There aren't facts to counter his point because it's hypothetical. The proof is already posted. A hospital isn't going to use incompatible hardware, end of story. Do you have any idea what kind of liability that would open them up to? Malpractice FTL.
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    Synching Folder over Netowrk in XP?

    You can redirect the my documents folder on the HTPC to a share, and then use off-line files synch to do the copy.
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    Vista hurts gaming performance?

    If the author has no integrity I'm not really interested in reading any of their work. The author makes wild ass claims to make his point, such as the hospital thing. See if he said "Vista will require XYZ to play DRM" that'd be reasonable. It does. However, they instead make a ridiculous...
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    Vista hurts gaming performance?

    Hmm, not much changed around here, eh? Hey, BTW, did you write that article? :rolleyes: Yeah, I think you have established MULTIPLE times you are NOT the author. Wanna try one more time? For fun, maybe? Excuse me for responding to your post. I thought we were supposed to have...
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    Vista hurts gaming performance?

    Yeah, but you posted it. Why? So you could start a discussion. My question isn't to the author, he's an idiot. My question is to the forum, and it's rather valid. Again, what hospitals are going to copyright their work? If you agree with the forum goers that it's incorrect, why did you...