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    Troubleshooting help, new PC

    I have nothing to burn it with :\ I'm on a netbook with no dvd drive. Also in regards to the HD testing, I have since posting this tried to install on a HD I know is good and same thing happened. Does this really seem like a HD problem? Thanks,
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    Troubleshooting help, new PC

    So I just upgraded to sandy bridge with a new build: i5 2500 Asus p8p67 4x2GB Corsair DDR3 1600mhz 1.65v GTX 275 (from old system) WD Raptor 300GB So my comp boots fine, installs windows, then when I get into windows It restarts on me. This has taken anywhere from 10seconds to 2...
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    HP LP2475w (Possible new IPS)

    So there are good copies of these with no color abnormalities?
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    Which 22 inch LCD?

    I had the viewsonic vx2260 for a while while I waited for my 20wmgx to come back from NEC. It was nice and i'm definitely feeling the pain of going back to 20" :( Any good 22" IPS' out there?
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    Will I be happy with a Benq G2400WD coming from an NEC 20WMGX2?

    NEC has refurbs. I don't know if they sell them though. I just had to send my original in for repairs and they sent a new/refurb. I wish I would gotten two when I had the chance.
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    Will I be happy with a Benq G2400WD coming from an NEC 20WMGX2?

    How about from a 20wmgx2 to a HP LP2475w?
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    HP LP2475w (Possible new IPS)

    Is it worth upgrading to this from a NEC 20WMGX2?
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    So I've got a NEC 20WMGX2 and a Viewsonic VX2260...

    The NEC broke and I just got back a refurb, I got the viewsonic in the mean time to tide me over and to see if I like the bigger screen which I do... But the NEC is a lot nicer (S-IPS vs TN) If I wanted to go bigger and keep the same quality as the NEC would you guys suggest the HP (H-IPS)...
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    Possible honey pot sending out **** and getting our email server blocked?

    Ok So at the end of the day today a bunch of people (when sending emails outside the domain) started getting these messages Your message did not reach some or all of the intended recipients. Subject: test Sent: 6/18/2008 9:04 PM The following recipient(s) cannot be reached...
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    How many netgear switches can I chain together?

    Office is expanding into an area with no connectivity...going to need to have multiple computers hooked up in different rooms. Will I run into any issues with this? Thanks
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    COD4 OWNS!

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    Crysis Official Discussion.

    In the first level (one in the demo) I got into a crazy grenade/shotgun fight at the checkpoint. grenade sounds are aweeeesome!!!!!!
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    Forget Crysis and COD4, where is Soldier of Fortune: Payback?!?!

    lolz What did you guys expect? A game announced a couple months ago, that was originally a budget title would some how be amazing? nope. Being a huge fan of SOF1 + 2 I will not touch 3.
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    Soldier of Fortune:Payback gone gold, whose getting?

    I'd be suprised if this game was actually good