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    Lets be real does 4K actually make a difference?

    Where things have been challenging is that until this MONTH any game that had 4K support has been - either somewhat or definitely - some sort of CPU pig. Burnout Paradise Remastered stands that theory absolutely on its ear. (I didn't discover it - and I won't claim it; besides, the data is on...
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    When will prices drop?

    Considering that I paid little more than half that for mine (new), it's a crappy deal - especially since it is unfit for etherium or any other sort of mining. (April of 2018 - which I pointed out here on [H].) Worse, the RTX 2050 will launch with similar - if not identical - pricing - and this...
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    Samsung to flood the market

    The bigger problem is that the flood will be NVMe-based - if you don't have support for it (and that is THE issue going forward - especially in terms of notebooks), you're screwed - you must purchase either new hardware that supports NVMe or an older (and smaller) SATA drive. (I am in exactly...
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    New cards in July

    The GTX1150 has its work cut out for it - the GTX 1050Ti (not the base GTX 1050) redefined what the floor could be (and wrecked the long-suffering GTX 750 Ti in the process - which AMD couldn't do). Unless it's another game-changer, I may well skip this cycle due to crypto-related shens with...
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    Anyone excited about nV's cloud GPU stuff

    It's not just Parsec - a far-more-available option in the eastern US (and one that I used until I switched to Pascal) is Liquid Sky; in fact, I primarily used it for an RTS (which is not as bound by latency as a shooter is). (The RTS in question is Anno 2205.) In the case of Anno 2205, it's...
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    Could Nvidia mitigate the mining situation with driver updates for old cards?

    Pascal is basically going to follow baby Maxwell into Legenday status - and for the same reason baby Maxwell got there. (I didn't call Pascal "Maxwell Redux" for nothing.) It wasn't JUST that big Maxwell (and GTX 1060+) redefined the mid-range at sane prices (until cryptocurrency reared its...
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    Could Nvidia mitigate the mining situation with driver updates for old cards?

    Only if you add features in those driver updates. Reminder - there has been no generic reason NOT use the current drivers going back when Fermi went to "legacy support" status; the only reason that anybody here at [H] did was to specific-case issues involving driver incompatibilties. (I had...
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    Looking to upgrade GT 640

    I have unhesitatingly recommended the GTX1050 series as the drop-in upgrade for any nVidia GPU sub-Pascal based entirely on my personal experience with mine. 1. It is dead-silent - literally. Despite the extra fan (compared to the Fermi-based GTX 550Ti it replaced), it is far quieter - in...
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    Starcraft 2 Goes Free To Play On 11-14-17

    Which is exactly how the deal works. If you didn't have the game at all (or only had the Starter Edition) you got Wings of Liberty for nit. If you had Wings, but none of the others, you got HotS for nit. If you had both Wings AND HotS, you got Legacy for nit. During Cyber Week, both HotS and...
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    What was your first HOLY COW! moment with an actual video card?

    In my case, it was my first AIW/Voodoo I (original) tag-team - AIW Pro and a "Brand X" (Best Data - remember them?) Voodoo I and GL Quake - then came the later followup of the AIW Radeon and a Diamond Monster 3D II (specifically, the Revision E) - I actually still have that in my parts library...
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    Looking to upgrade GT 640

    That is why I bought mine (and why I recommend them today) despite my coming from a GTX550Ti (which DID have that 6-pin PSU connector) - the GTX 750 Ti (which didn't have a 6-pin PSU connector in most layouts, either). If you insist on staying with EVGA, there IS the SSC - like the FTW, it's a...
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    Looking to upgrade GT 640

    Agreed on the GTX 1050Ti (check the sig - it's what I have). Replaced a GTX 550Ti (which is the backup). Four times the graphics memory, but is both quieter and uses less wattage. THE entry-level streaming card (and the only such for "weaksauce" CPUs, such as PentiumG).
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    Low-end/Integrated Graphics Gaming Thread.

    Anno 2205 will run decently on Intel HD4400 (in fact, it will run better on it than nVidia Fermi - which used to be my default); however, nV Maxwell or better (let alone Pascal - my new default) will put a waxing on it. Still, integrated graphics no longer necessarily means "bad/awful".
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    Nvidia GeForce 388.00 driver

    The 388.00 driver and RS4 FINALLY fixed the issues I was having with Ashes of the Singularity and DX12 - it no longer crashes with DX12 active.
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    Prices plummet for Nvidia GTX 900-series graphics cards, but you still shouldn't buy them

    No - the real issue is Steam - which doesn't support DX12. (Does it support Vulkan?) Steam basically represents an artificial cap on game APIs - it also remains the most popular gaming service (whether because OR despite that cap is irrelevant - the cap is there, and it is, in fact, unique to...