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    Tesla Preparing to Go Public?

    Yea okay... electricity is efficient? Please go take a general course in physics. Where do you thinking your electicity comes from? Falls out of the air, travels through wires and comes to your home with no loss at all? energy from chemical process (think oil burning) is the most used...
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    FS: New 9600GT OC 512mb PCI-E Video cards

    selling one new Galaxy 9600gt video card. Bought two from dell but decided to use just one.... I dont really game much selling for 60 shipped. feedback info in the sig.
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    Hot deals at on Galaxy Video cards

    how did u just order? hasnt it been taken off website?
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    selling macbook 13. unibody to get new mac.

    i just got new mbp. pretty impressive. my first mac too! I was able to get it for just 800 (after taxes) out of pocket after selling the ipod and printer and using a few other methods. Backlight keyboard is pretty useful. Iono how it compared to the old LCD but this lcd is pretty good. I...
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    FS: New Ipod touch 8gb 2nd gen 185

    Like title says. I got one to sell. Brand new, never used. Still sealed. 185 shipped. Feedback information inside sig.
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    Hot deals at on Galaxy Video cards

    hey guys, i found a solution to the rebate problem. its not as great but its better than nothing. got to and put in offer code SIC-5478. Its 15 MIR for the 9800gt. not as good but better than nothing i guess. I will try to argue for the...
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    Hot deals at on Galaxy Video cards

    If the rebate states it valid from X date to Y date. it should be valid and accessible at ALL TIMES in between. Dell should not be selling products they dont have in stock. Had people received this earlier and started their claim, this problem would not arise. I see both companies at fault here.
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    Hot deals at on Galaxy Video cards

    i just tried going online to submit this and the rebate is gone from the site. i cant enter in the offer code for the rebate for this anymore. what is up with this? Dell takes a long time for the graphics card to come and by the time it comes, i try to register the rebate and now it doesnt...
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    WTB: Apple gift cards (any amounts, prefer large amounts)

    Looking to buy some apple gift cards. any amount is okay but i prefer large amounts (over 100). Would like to save some money on new macbook pro :) heatware and ebay feedback in my sig. Please PM or post here
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    Hot? maybe acer aspire one for $299? I read that post about 5 times before i figured out what you were trying to communicate.
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    FS: dell 20" widescreen 2005fpw

    Hi guys. I havent really been an active member for a while and now i have a lot extra PC parts. Price does not include shipping. Buyer will pay for exact shipping and i will discount for buying multiple items. Feedback: heatware: ebay...
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    Stop vista from scanning my ext HDD

    I have a 1tb external HDD and ever since ive switched to vista, it get's scanned every time i boot up. vista scans it like right after that circle with the windows logo appears during bootup... it shows like a blank black screen for like 2-3 mins afterwards. I was wondering if there was anyway...