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    Frys - Samsung 55" ($797) and 60" ($1097) JS7000 on sale - In store only

    Frys has the JS7000 series with the quantum dot/nanocrystal LCD display on sale in-store only. $797 for the 55" $1097" for the 60" They are listed in the email as Trusted Name, but if you call up the store it is for these Samsung panels...
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    DOJ Has An Eye On Apple

    You mean the stuff that the Microsoft did in the 90s that the DOJ found illegal and nearly caused them to split up the company?:rolleyes: This is NOT aggressive business tactics, it is anti-competitive and abusing their position of power in one segment to unfairly compete in another.
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    The Race to Gigabit Internet Taking Off

    Heh, San Diego is on the list. Good luck with that. Back in Lexington, KY where I used to live we had an independent called Insight. When we left, they had rolled out 30MBit, which including cable TV (HD, DVR, Modem, etc.) we were only paying $75/mo for everything. Out here, TWC was charging...
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    An OS for punishment?

    Remap some of the letters on the keyboard. But only some of them. That way as he types he can't figure out what is going wrong.
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    GIGABYTE G1.Sniper 5 LGA 1150 Motherboard Review @ [H]

    When I saw the color scheme my first thought was DFI LanParty board and does it glow under a UV light. Am I aging myself here? :D
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    UPS Delivers $400K Drone To Wrong Person

    No surprise here. UPS one time delivered a airplane "black box" to my work place instead of to Lufthansa (IN GERMANY!) as it said on the label.
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    Noritake 4x3 touch panel Free Samples (Only 50)

    Received mine today. It came with a few graphical templates to use behind it. The controller board is super tiny. I have thought of a few ideas on what yo do with it.
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    Noritake 4x3 touch panel Free Samples (Only 50)

    As you guys know I'm on Noritake's list for sample announcements. This might be useful for some of our resident modders. Basically, a simple glass capacitive 12 button touch panel. The panel includes the controller board with an Atmel QTouch controller...
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    Issue with only on one pc

    Just as an update. Cleared cookies, that didn't help. Tried hard reset of w8. No luck. Gave up. Yesterday, upgraded DD-WRT on my router just for fun. Did a complete hard reset as part of the process. All of a sudden everything is working perfectly. So it appears it was something corrupted in the...
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    Issue with only on one pc

    Have a strange one, refuses to load or only loads slowly on a single pc on the network. Scanned with Microsoft security essentials and MalwareBytes. Nothing found. I can't think of anything that could cause this and am at a loss of where to look. Device: Asus Zenbook OS: Win 8.1...
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    Another Noritake-Itron Free VFD (114x16 graphic or 16x2 char)

    I have never tried to be honest but I doubt it. Plus quantities are pretty limited at 100 per type.
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    Another Noritake-Itron Free VFD (114x16 graphic or 16x2 char)

    Yep, its back again. This time you get to chose between a 114x16 graphic display or a 16x2 character display. The 16x2 is HD44780 compatible making it very easy to retrofit into existing code. And damn I feel old, a member for a decade!
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    Noritake-Itron 24x6 character VFD Sample

    Received mine, was surprised that I didn't get a ups quantum view email like I had in the past. It seems that this sample has been popular. According to the website, due to this you might get a small graphic vfd instead. If you are thinking about jumping on this one, tomorrow is it.
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    Noritake-Itron 24x6 character VFD Sample

    Received my confirmation email a few days ago. Next will be the shipping email with ups tracking number in a few weeks.