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    is my video card dead?

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    Need Help with shuttle xpc sn27p2 audio

    Thanks for the link, I've downloaded and installed the updated installer. But the problem is still there. Realtek doesnt show in device manager and volume control also says no mixer has been installed. Thanks again for the tip it installed good but still no device.:confused:
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    Need Help with shuttle xpc sn27p2 audio

    hey guys, i bought the shuttle sn27p2 about a week ago and i cant get my audio to work. Its has Realtek ALC882 HD Audio, and everytime i try to install the drivers it says "Microsoft Bus Driver must be installed before installing Realtek HD audio". i have it installed and i still get the...
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    9800pro missing capacitor

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    where to find a mountainmods look a like?

    i like the idea of it, just hate the pricing of it. everynow and then i see OEM server that looks like it , does anyone know where i could find such a thing? just looking for double wide, everything else will be modded to fit
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    Athlon64 3000+, ECS nForce3A, Windows XP Home - $149.97 - Fry's

    umm, thats a ripoff. the fry's over here in texas, has the 3500+ and Abit motherboard for $149. not so hot deal.. edit: hahahhaha, paulmofyourhand FTL !!! i didnt see that it came with windows,
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    how to add splash screen on my wifi Freespot?

    thanks for the information guys! ill look into it some more. any more ideas?
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    need ideas on building a passive WC system.

    the system will consist of : intel Pentium D 2.66ghz @ ???? 2gb ddr2 160gb sata 6800 non ultra@ 16pipelines (will be in loop) ill be using the blue vga and cpu waterblocks from Zalman with a switftech pump. i want to run with a minimum amount of fans. possibly only the one that is...
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    how to add splash screen on my wifi Freespot?

    my parents currently own a beauty salon with Charter high speed internet installed. i installed a Linksys WRT54g ver.5 (sucks no hackable firmware). and encrypted it with WEP key at the moment. its a just for now thing. i'd like to provide the customers with access and at the same time...
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    Acer Travelmate w/ x700 under $1000 (refurbished)

    i wouldn call this a good deal... if you notice, its an OEM barebone refurb (duh), but there is a chance that it wont come with any of the accesories including the battery... charger = $50 battery = $100+ then whatever else could be wrong or missing. and a bigger chance with warranty...
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    x1800xt and x1900xt

    I was just wondering if the x1800xt uses the same gpu as the x1900xt? Kinda like how the x800 uses the same gpu as the x850s.