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    vid card for multiple monitors

    i'm wondering if i should just get the asus gryphon z97 board that way few years down the line if i wanted to i can purchase a newer cpu to drop in ...or would your b85 board suggestion suffice and save me money...hrmmm
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    vid card for multiple monitors

    The monitors can connect via dvi and HDMI too but wire management wanted to keep it tidy and just daisy chain it
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    vid card for multiple monitors

    I've tried looking for an integrated solution but most of the motherboards i've found (micro atx) won't support this or just doesn't work from what i've read, i'm looking for a low profilish vid card that'll support 2 monitors off displayport and 1 off hdmi...i really don't want to spend the...
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    Motherboard suggestion

    i'm leaning towards spending more for a better CPU, I still do play around with some video and graphic editing here and there (not often enough to get a super graphics card though) and it'd be nice also to have a decent CPU to last me another 5-8 years i'm looking at the asus gryphon z97 and...
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    Motherboard suggestion

    i figure by the time i'm ready to build another computer a few years down,no matter what board i buy it'd be outdated to the point a bios upgrade wouldn't help :( damn technology
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    Motherboard suggestion

    The only need for a video card is the need to run 3 display port monitors :(
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    Motherboard suggestion

    I'm in the market to buy a new motherboard and processor...leaning towards Intel Core i5-4460 processor...I'm looking for a reliable motherboard for basic usage nothing crazy, I do zero gaming but do a lot of movie watching and some photo editing and office work on the computer. Going to search...
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    Displayport HDMI question

    Been out of the loop for a while now, question I have a LG 50PZ950UA TV I also have 2 Dell U2414H monitors and am about to buy a MSI R7 265 video do I setup my monitors and TVs to all display the same thing? I already have a HDMI cable ran to where my old computer is and my TV...
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    Photoshop Content-Aware Fill Sneak Peek

    six years for photoshop to come up with this when GIMP had it?
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    google chrome

    so i did a lot of searching/research and finally caved to testing out google chrome, i ditched FF3.1beta3 and dove into chrome fulltime, i must say it is lightning fast but omg i have problems up the wazoo...stability, it crashes on avg twice a day (not the browser but my computer), it fills out...
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    Network driver (nas) recommend

    off the shelf would be cheaper and more hassel free
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    Network driver (nas) recommend

    I'm looking to pick up a nas hard drive like 1tb and just connect it to the network for storage of my media files so I can play off of them on my xbox360 so not really looking for anything fancy but I don't want a slow slow setup either, no need for any fancy backup software either so anyone...
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    wireless networking question

    curiosity hit: can i use a wireless router to PICKUP a wireless connection already existing in my house then plug in my computers/xbox into the router so i don't have to buy 3 wireless cards when i already have a router? reason why is i can't run any lines in this old house just not feasible...
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    Verizon Extends 50/20 Mbps Service To All Customers

    its sad and pathetic that i live in one of the very first cities that they deployed FIOS in and i still can't get it however people ALL around me have it, it's like just my block WTF! i've been trying to leave cable for a while but i guess verizon just doesn't want my business
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    Apple Unveils Faster iPhone, Chops Price

    im sorry but for my area verizon just has the best coverage, and the type of job i do, the cell phone is literally my lifeline if my radio doesn't work so i need coverage, if not i would be all over this iphone