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    HP MSA2012 3rd Party Disks

    Gen 8 have that new drive caddie that requires a custom firmware on the hard drives to control the lights on the caddie. So the lights are all sorts of funny, so you lose that ability too, before Gen 8 lights worked fine.
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    HP MSA2012 3rd Party Disks

    I can't speak directly for the MSA series, but the DL series accept any disk. And in the case of the new Gen 8 servers any drive works as well, but it'll set off a warning that the drives are not HP Authentic but work fine. I talked to several engineers about this before going with all Intel...
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    HDMI splitter 1 in 2 out OR new graphic card???

    a splitter is cheap on monoprice, although i've had hit or miss with the cheap ones. I have noticed the Audio issue with AMD cards, happens maybe once a year on my stuff not a huge deal unless the woman gets the issue and then all hell breaks lose and i get works calls and what not, usually...
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    Streaming mkv movies to my TV without having to convert first?

    Plex and Mezzmo both have to Transcode MKV files for my TV, a 1080P movie can almost max out 4 cores on an i7, running on virtual machine so they could have GPU decoding working which wouldn't be that bad. Was going to test passing in GPU to vm to see if that makes a difference.
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    HDMI 2.0 Spec Finalized

    cat6 is 300' i'm pretty sure, HDMI i'd say you'd be hard pressed to get to 200' without some sort of repeater or some booster like thing.
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    Upgrading my RAID 0 and need some quick buying advice

    Been replacing my 2tb failed drives with the Red's for a while now, seem to be working well. That said tigerdirect has those red drives 2tb ones for 80 bucks after rebate right now if it's not sold out. Pretty decent deal, not sure if you can do 2 per rebate other wise they're 100 bucks.
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    wd red, ultrastar or deskstar for 24/7 NAS?

    Got 2x 2TB WD Red's and they seem pretty good only had for a few weeks now, but built into my existing raid array fine. Had 2 drives die in a raid 6 array.
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    Are low TDP GPUs phased out?

    I thought i heard they were OEM only for the 7000 series. Not sure if that'll change with 8000 series or not. Guessing profit margin was almost nothing on those cards probably didn't make any sense to keep them around when the APU's are close to their performance.
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    What is the BEST OS for home media server?

    I'm running 2012 Server and have my media server as a VM and i couldn't be happier. Have 10 disks in Raid 6 as of now, but am going to try out Disk Spaces or whatever it is they call it, was going to wait till it fails or Sp1 or 2012 R2 came out so they could work out any bugs. Mezzmo runs on...
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    FYI: LogMeIn soon to limit free accounts to 10 computers

    10 seems reasonable, i usually just need it for locations to log into that don't have ipsec at the place setup.
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    Backup: internal or external?

    I'd do an internal drive for that, the OS should spin that down after 60 minutes or so, so power shouldn't be an issue on it, even then i think those use only 5watts or so, i'd assume an external solution would be slower to backup and use more power cause of the interface is another layer.
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    Microsoft RemoteFX on Hyper-V

    What route are you going with for USB Redirection? I'm going to start looking into that, figured it'd be built in but doesn't appear to be Are you running Server 8 or 2008 R2?
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    Do you map out a program before writing?

    Unless it's a major revision of a current application I just start coding. Otherwise diagrams and uml diagrams i use. If it's a new project that isn't a no brainer i do the same with diagrams and uml diagrams. Hardest part usually is making a good connection with who wants the program and what...
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    Is my Java old?

    I would buy a new book, as a couple newer classes came out since, but you should see them as depreciated, or suggestions in the javadoc to use the newer classes. I think Vector was one, and StringBuilder vs whatever the older one was, lots of other ones too. I'd get a book they're cheap...
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    Most common Java IDE in industry?

    +1 for eclipse, seems like it has a harder learning curve than the others though.