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    Who is the Nintendo Switch for really?

    I guess it's for me. I don't care for Nintendo overmuch; out of all of their releases I've owned 4 pieces of their hardware (GameBoy, Super Nintendo in college, Wii which I resold w/in 2 weeks, and the DS which I still enjoy). I read most of the articles leading up to the release with another...
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    Battlefield 4 **Official Discussion Thread**

    Let me guess: OTC's server?
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    Fallout 4

    Nuka Cola helps alot here.
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    Fallout 4

    @bottomsup I'm running gsynch and it's a relatively smooth experience. Here are my settings: Monitor @ 144hz. Make sure that both the monitor via it's on-board controls and the Nvidia control panel are set to 144hz in both the "Change Resolution" page and "manage 3D Settings" under global...
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    Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

    I'm really loving this. I'm Ope- in game. Feel free to add me.
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    Microsoft Sets Stage For Massive Windows 10 Upgrade Strategy

    It's pretty easy to delete GWXUX (the nagware). It was driving me crazy as well. Summary of steps: - take complete ownership of the GWXUX directory in System 32 - delete! Detail Enjoy the back-to-normal running of your OS.
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    Fallout 4 Performance and Image Quality Preview @ [H]

    Another voice for the ReShade TAA tweak. Looks amazing with a very minor performance hit. Highly recommended.
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    Fallout 4 Performance and Image Quality Preview @ [H]

    This is awesome. Have you happened to come across any info specific to GSynch? I also don't get the hate on this game. It is exceptionally fun and I rather like the art style. It's a huge step forward from 3 and NV IMO.
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    Gaming Headset, what do you have?

    Senn HD598s with a ModMic. Perfect combo - people can't even sneak up on me in BF4.
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    Battlefield 4 **Official Discussion Thread**

    "Fuck you, Porter" for putting words in my mouth.
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    Battlefield 4 **Official Discussion Thread**

    Unfortunately Brules is right. It was a horrible map; too big and the only important point was the airfield....for more Heli Rape.
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti Video Card GPU Review @ [H]

    Have the display port issues common to the 980 been addressed with this card?
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    Doom 4 E3 reveal.

    yeah, those gfx are horrid. :rolleyes: Can't wait for this one.
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    Fallout 4

    Seriously, how jaded to you have to be to think that Doom didn't look like a shit ton of fun?
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    New Monitor Suggestions 1440p 144hz

    Everyone in this sub loves to hate on TN, but the ROG Swift is 20 kinds of awesome.