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    Help me find a new laptop - best solid keyboard

    HP business line laptops are the way to go. Their keyboards are comparable to those in IBMs.
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    Stuck between two laptops

    Sony is ugly, get the HP. Get the Sony if you really want people to make fun of you.
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    Your Laptop Picture [H]ere (read first post for rules please)

    pretty ignorant and biased comment.:rolleyes:
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    Westinghouse LCM-22w2 only runs at 1400x 900

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    SCSI drives not shown under my computer

    I just format and added the other container ( 73gb x 2) under diskmgmt. It now shows up under my computer and seems to be working just fine now. Also, the raid utility let me set my primary container as either as volume or Raid 0 striped.
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    SCSI drives not shown under my computer

    First off, I'm fairly new to this raid stuffs. I just got a Dell poweredge 1650 that comes with 3 73gb drives. I set first drive to Raid 0 and installed server 2003 on there. After that, I went back create another container for those 2 other drives. 2 containers show up under my device...
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    Playstation 3 wireless?

    I have a 20 gig Ps3 model that does not have wireless card built in. My cable modem is currently attached to the Netgear wireless B/G router. I also have an usb wireless B adapter & wireless B accesspoint laying around the house. How do I go about connecting my ps3 wirelessly using those...
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    Got my Westinghouse LVM-37W3 37" 1080p display today!

    Here's a few pics:
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    Got my Westinghouse LVM-37W3 37" 1080p display today!

    Let me know if any one in the Houston area is looking for this monitor. I have an extra 1 that I've ordered from few days ago.
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    Got my Westinghouse LVM-37W3 37" 1080p display today!

    I been looking locally for this monitor but it is no where to be found. Are you sure Sam's carry this model?
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    New Westinghouse 22" (LCM-@@W2)??

    I guess I won't be keeping this screen then.
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    New Westinghouse 22" (LCM-@@W2)??

    I was wondering the same to I went a head and got a HDMI/DVI comversion cable from walmart. I got home and hooke dup the cable but the monitor does not detect any signal from the Ps3. Any one know what's going on?
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    7-Outlet Surge Protector + 1GB Cruzer MIcro Flash Drive + PCMover Application $9

    Well, I'm not gonan say how many I've ordered. However, I got most of the usb drives and surge protector on Friday. My order status is still at "In production" as of now.
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    Acer 22" Widescreen Monitor $299

    I have it saved as pdf file on my computer. Pm me ur email if you want it.