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    Super Flower Leadex III 850W Gold PS - $110 + $20 Newegg Gift Card

    Pretty presumptuous of you to assume they only serve the English market and that their name isn't a direct translation which has a meaning in their native language. Is it weird that Apple doesn't sell apples? (in before someone links an article where they may have 20 years ago :))
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    PlayStation Showcase 2021

    Sir this is a Wendy's.
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    Netflix raises prices on standard and premium plans

    I mean it's more convenient for me to walk behind a store counter and take the money from the register instead of me working 9-5pm but it doesn't make me entitled to take it.
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    Wtb am4 aio

    Looking for an 240mm AIO preferably just the rad/block as I already have some 120mm fans. Also being rgb and white would be a nice bonus. Shipped to CA.
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    Wtb raspberry pi 3

    Like the title says, looking for a raspberry pi 3 or equivalent for some small footprint kodi and emulators.
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    WTB Swiftech H220-x or H240x

    Replied to pm's
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    WTB Swiftech H220-x or H240x

    Looking to get an expandable AIO cooler setup. So fractal s24 or s36 are okay too but I'd rather have either one of the swiftech or the x2 versions. I'd be open to the 320 as well. Local pickup in SoCal or shipped to 92844. Edit: found
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    Pokémon Go Players Are Becoming Robbery Targets

    Who's to say what the age of demographic they're shooting for is? I'd imagine the demographic is gamers, and since there's a pay shop I'd imagine the developers would love revenue from working adults as well.
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    PCGH - RX 480 fails at 1400MHz

    Who parked the batmobile on top of a graphics card?
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    Apple Wins Class-Action iMessage Android Lawsuit

    I find using data based messaging apps like whatsapp to be more reliable than SMS tbh. There are times when cellular SMS is bad and lags my SMS for awhile and since I always have data/WiFi where I go, I'd rather do that