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    *DEAD Samsung Odyssey+ VR Headset ($229 DEAD)

    I had ordered on 1/24 and Samsung had my prospective ship date as 2/10. I called to complain about how long they were taking to ship (we live in an Amazon Prime world now) and they told me that they didn't have any product and couldn't tell me when they were getting more in. I got Best Buy to...
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    Build Update - Gaming Rig - Suggestions Please

    Folks, I'm out of the loop as far as new hardware goes, but am looking to upgrade my PC for the upcoming Half Life Alyx and Cyberpunk 2077 releases. I also play a fair amount of PUBG, but that game is so buggy and error ridden that I know there's no way to guarantee good performance on any...
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    Intel Core i9 Cascade Lake-X thread

    Thanks for the info and opinions! I've been out of the hardware and overclocking game for long enough that looking at all the options and the cost/benefit ratio can be a little overwhelming.
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    Intel Core i9 Cascade Lake-X thread

    Well, hell, I'm looking at doing a new gaming build and don't have a huge interest in overclocking these days. Then I took a look at the price on the 10940x and nearly spit out my coffee. I've had an intel rig for almost all of the last 20 years, but it looks like this generation of hardware...
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    Yep! This says it well. I'm willing to spend whatever I want (and can generally afford to) on anything that I want, but those things I actually spend money on are things that I think constitute a good value for the price. I'm still running a 980ti Windforce on an i5 processor that I bought...
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    HP and Razer Tease Laptops with OLED Displays

    Huh, I hadn't heard about MicroLED, sounds extremely promising! I just upgraded to a OLED TV for my living room and can't imagine going back to conventional LCD tech. I don't think that the supposed issues with OLED are going to be too much trouble for me but, if MicroLED can come out with a...
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    HP and Razer Tease Laptops with OLED Displays

    Any word on pricing and how much of a premium the 4k displays will have over the models with more standard LCDs? I'm going to want to update my work laptop sometime in the next year or so and, after upgrading my home TV to a 65" OLED, can't imagine getting another type of display, gaming or no...
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    New HTPC Hardware Advice?

    I appreciate the input, as things have changed drastically since I looked at this sort of thing and, back in the day, an HTPC was basically the only option to be able to do what I wanted to do. As for upscaling, I haven't really ever even messed with it. I've got a lot of content in...
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    New HTPC Hardware Advice?

    Some months ago my HTPC began having serious issues. Basically all the hardware in there is 5+ years old (it's got DDR2) and I didn't have the budget to replace the hardware at the time, so just used my chromecast for a while. Now I do have the budget, though I'd like to keep things as...
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    Graphics Card Prices Expected to Drop in July

    Quite frankly, fuck you and all your fellow miners. You drove prices up so that normal people couldn't pay a reasonable price for a decent card. I hope you lose your asses on it.
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    Dead Men's Phones Tell No Tales This Time

    This is why you DO NOT F'ING USE FINGERPRINT UNLOCK. A court can compel you to provide your fingerprint to unlock a phone, they cannot (functionally and effectively) compel you to provide a security code or pattern. If you don't think you have anything to hide, what you think doesn't really...
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    WhatsApp Does NOT Encrypt Your Fingerprints

    Look, if you provide it to a third party, it's discoverable. You provide your fingerprints to a company? I can subpoena that if it's material to my case. You provide a cheek swab to 23&Me? I can subpoena that if it's material. Don't provide crap like that unless your okay with an enemy or...
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    Replacing HTPC Guts

    Sorry to be lazy and post here, but I'm so far out of the loop on low to mid-level new hardware it's not even funny. I've got a HTPC that's running a chip I don't recall sitting in an EVGA 750i SLi FTW mobo, vid card is a GTX 670, and I have an old PCI Xonar D2 sound card sitting in there, all...
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    PUBG Faces Possible Ban From China

    Why would they do that when resellers sell to Chinese players so they can hack anyway? I long for the day when China blocks PUBG servers and/or BlueHole region locks the servers so all the Chinese hackers will have a lot more trouble spoiling everyone else's game.
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    EA Tweaks Star Wars Battlefront 2 Loot Boxes

    Things like loot boxes and having to rank up in an FPS before you can get the same stuff other people have is why, after having played the WWI Battlefield, I won't be buying another Battlefield game. Battlefield games are like heaven for casual gamers who don't know and don't care what the hell...