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  • how do i add ppl to my friends list in my profile and how come i cant send any privete mesages to any one am i bugged or is it a post limit i need to get to before i can IDK wahts going on i have not been here in a long time starting to come back any help on sed topic would help thx
    how do i add ppl to my friends list in my profile i tryed to add some one but idk its been aong time sents iv been to this site but coming back now if you wouldent mind i could add you after all we all need friends the more the merryer LOL and why cant i snet any privete messages to any one am i not high enuff in posts to do soo or something or am i bugged idk could you let me know thx
    I'd like to report the person using this username: "S0m30n3" because they posted a link for a zipped file containing a picture of me they obtained somehow and some useless files that maybe viruses.

    can you change my title in sales forum please

    old: WTTF Corsair K75 RGB (Cherry MX Reds) - Trading Custom Noppoo Choc Mini keyboard

    new: FS Corsair SP120 HP Edition 3PIN Twink pack - 3x Corsair Air Series AF120 RED LED


    Hi, can you change my title by adding Like New Asus Transformer Book, in front of New Droid Max and Like New LG G3?

    Thanks in advance.
    I'm so sorry I put you through the 1 minute process of copy pasting the relevant content into a new thread and didn't even give you an infraction. I am a monster.
    you could have sent me a message saying you were going to edit the thread title, then edited the title, you could have said in the thread for people to stop bumping the thread, otherwise you were going to close it. Instead, you took the laziest most disrespectful half assed way out and closed it and told me to start a new one. Stuff like this is why I have had an issue with you for years. You were wrong and wrong on a moral level. Outside of your duties here, your laziness and attitude hurt someone going through a crisis in real life. You shouldn't treat people that way, ever. Good luck to you in the future, hopefully one day you understand how to be a decent person.
    Oldie, I am new to this forum, I tried to send a person whom started a thread a pm but my sent box said it wasnt sent, so I posted it in the thread, can you advise me how I can contact him if i cant PM him? or how I can go about selling 2 x5650s, I have no idea how to sell things in a forum basis
    We have rules against posting negative comments about someone's price in the thread. Any price discussion needs to be done via PM.
    He said they had a rather tangy taste. I have no idea why he decided to lick them all.
    At first it was an attempt to pick them up for some hot granny action, but after being shot down too many times I just wanted them to know what they were missing.
    Been reading yenniedn's thread concerning 2yen's ebay scam.

    Didn't this forum have a thread of members that scam here? I thought I seen one a few year ago.

    Thx, d.
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