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    7900 Go

    I hope we see one soon in a new Dell XPS with a CoreDuo, that is if Alienware doesn't take over the gaming lineup.
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    "The market is screaming for a solid third supplier....We are that company"

    Nope, more like a 5v AGP card in a 3.3v only slot.
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    Best bag for P series shuttles

    I use a big duffel bag that I can jam all my hard drives, keyboard and cables into myself, I haven't seen any damage from moving it in that.
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    i9300 + Audigy ZS + Mixer = TONS of line noise: Help!

    I agree, are you using a grounded powerbrick, or a 2 prong one?
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    What I didn't want to happen... happened.

    That isn't just your opinion, I have seen big LCD's run off analog on a couple computers, (G5 with 9800Pro, A64 with 6800GT etc) and they always look fuzzy compared to DVI. Plus with DVI, calibration is much easier.
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    NUMA Aware Software?

    Beats the hell out of me dude, all I know is that I have seen XP SP2 listed as having NUMA support dozens of times, and doing a quick google search seems to back that up. It's very possible it isn't as fast or efficient as 2K3's is, but that's a question for someone more versed in this than...
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    MonitorLink/DVI input on Mitsubishi HDTV

    My year old 48" Mitsu Gold series works just fine, I have plugged in a Shuttle with a 9600Pro into it and my 12" PowerBook just fine with DVI. Ran them both up to 1920x1080 with no issues. If it doesn't work, you can get a component adapter from ATi or from several third part manufacturers.
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    Got a question about my 680GT and a Soltek EQ3801

    A few months ago I built two computers around this chassis, one with a 6800 standard and one with a 6800GT. All the other specs are the same, A64 3200, 1GB Crucial DDR, 7200RPM drive and Pioneer 108's. They have performed without issue so far (other than the 6800 getting replaced, but that was...
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    NUMA Aware Software?

    So is XP Pro SP2
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    Good laptop bags for laptops with 17" screens.

    The Very Busy Man from crumpler is a very nice bag. Lots of room, durable and great colors. Plus they ride real well on your back or over your shoulder.
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    Connect to two networks simultaneously?

    I'm using the Cisco Client v. 4.02, I wonder if I need to be a member of the domain when I am at home to login to work.
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    Connect to two networks simultaneously?

    Here is the scenario: I have an IBM T42 (Win 2K Pro) for work that I connect to via VPN, it has a wireless and Gb NIC installed and connected. I need to be able to connect to work, and be able to see my local shares and most importantly shared printers. My laptop is also on a different domain...
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    Best drive backup software?

    I like Retrospect for automated backups personally, CCC is more of a service tool for me when I need to clone data from one machine to a replacement. I let retrospect run everynight to back up my PowerBook, too easy to get it dropped or stolen if you ask me, and my data is much more important...
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    Must have OSX apps?

    hmm, beyond the big commercial stuff (iLife, Creative Suite, StudioMX and Office) I would say Adium, (multi-client IM) Cocktail and the MS Remote Desktop Client. I also use MacStumbler to find WiFi networks quite often.
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    The New Dell Laptops

    The 9300 will have a 17" like the 9200 in three resolutions, (1400x900, 1680x1050 and 1920x1200) The 9300 is also supposed to offer a 6800 mobile as an option. As of yet, no info on Dell's site, but I would imagine they are just waiting to get rid of 9200's. As for the 6000, I saw an ad saying...