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    John Carmack sits down with The Joe Rogan Experience

    Yeah, pretty much what he sounds like. By voice, can't speak for his personal life obviously. I'm not referring to his accomplishments.
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    John Carmack sits down with The Joe Rogan Experience

    Man, he sounds like a giant nerd. Never would have thought, lol. Good interview though.
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    What does everyone use now days to show FPS?

    My ASUS monitor's frame rate display.
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    Retro arcade display question

    I wondered the same thing! We have a local pinball place and noticed non-CRT on old arcades.
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    Pool Drives Without Data Wipe?

    I hate navigating two drives when manually looking around, or making changes.
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    Pool Drives Without Data Wipe?

    I have a HTPC with two hard drives full of media. Is there a way in Windows 10 to pool both as one, without losing existing data?
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    finding a 1000 watt psu

    Seasonic never did me wrong.
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    What Free Antivirus are we Using in 2019?

    Ouch! Good find! I'll look into a swap, lol.
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    "Portable" gaming: NUC or laptop?

    Does it have to be prebuilt? You can build some pretty decent form factor computers now with better graphics for what it would cost for a laptop. Just my opinion though. I'm not too familiar with Vega benchmarks. I'm not a huge fan of onboard.
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    Torchlight [EPIC Store] Free until Jul 18

    It was okay.. I'm more about the multiplayer aspect and didn't like how easy items and characters could be "hacked", or changed.
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    Monster Hunter World

    Is it any fun? Trying to kill time until classic wow.
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    Intel Core i7-8700K OC Worth It?

    Thanks for the replies.. I'll just stick with MCE. I don't really have any framerate issues at the moment.
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    Intel Core i7-8700K OC Worth It?

    Is it worth pushing my I7-8700K to 5hz for gaming on a 2080 at 2K, or should I just keep at stock? I feel like my after market cooler is going to waste. Is it worth the performance gain?
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    RTX 2080 Spontaneous Reboot Crashes From Certain Games...

    Have you tried a few games locally and not online to see if they crash?
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    What was your first pc?

    IBM Aptiva with a AMD K6-2 Processor. I later added a 3DFX Voodoo card. I was 15, worked all summer to buy it. First computer I ever used was a old DOS computer, followed by one with Windows 98 my parents got.