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    Senate Vote Passes to Save Net Neutrality

    All Republicans voted against saving net neutrality except for: Susan Collins (Maine), John Kennedy (Louisiana), and Lisa Murkowski (Alaska)
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    Cryptojacking is Everywhere, It's Getting Worse Each Day

    i would have no problem if hardforum used 5-25% of my desktop cpu/gpu to mine cryptocurrency while im on the site. i want this to be the way that websites pay their content creators internet-wide. i want it built into browsers, and adjustable. I want clicks and page views as a metric to die in...
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    Rat, Keyloggers, etc

    i have a rooted android tablet, and would like to play around with rat software, keyloggers, vnc type stuff, can anyone point me in the right direction? im not looking just for some website that tracks my spouse's bla blah blah. i just want to learn, how to set up, detect, know the average...
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    Bitcoin All Time High.

    coinbase is over 1300 now. ooh
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    Vivaldi Browser. Might finally get me away from Firefox.

    went from opera, to firefox, when opera turned to chrome clone without addons. now vivaldi since it got mouse gestures, love it. though i miss a transparent start page :(
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    GMAIL Account Recovery

    gf lost a gmail password once. i paid like $3 and started answering questions about what was in the email, browser it was logged into usually, when created etc etc, copy of drivers license. got it all back. was painless.
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    Bitcoin All Time High. And has surpassed a gold ounce as well. To the moon. :p
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    Experts: It's Unlikely ‘Pirate’ Kodi Users Will Get In Trouble

    name change from xbmc to kodi was to facilitate trademark issues when people would sell pirate boxes. they couldnt do anything about them under the xbox media center name. many of the addons stream from torrents, and as such, upload to peers. this is still the illegal and traceable part.
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    Star Trek Turns 50 Today

    News story from this past year about "Kes" from Voyager. people in this thread might find it interesting. Star Trek: Voyager’s ‘Kes’ charged with exposing herself to children in Harriman
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    Facebook Doesn't Know Crap About Star Trek

    Surprise and anger are the most likely to see from a vulcan (of the choices) Klingon definitely gets anger, so that leaves wow for spock. This would have been a great time to add a bullshit,wtf,illogical emotion.
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    Wall Street Didn't Like Apple's Big iPhone 7 Event

    i havent been able to use wired ear buds for longer than the iphone has existed. i gave up around 2004 because the cords were never long enough to reach from my ears to my device in my pocket. ive been using bluetooth for over a decade for phone connectivity. this missing audio jack doesn't...
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    Warner Bros. Flags Own Website As Piracy Portal

    those three movies constitute three strikes. remove the offending domain from google permanently, and apply a giant piracy notioce to anyone who searches for warner brothers
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    Microsoft Removes Group Policies From Windows 10 Pro

    Well fuck, I just bought a win pro for $199 specifically and only to disable the app store and defer updates (for stability reasons). I even chatted with ms citing this specific reason, and he still recommended the pro version 3 days ago. I guess I can try suing in small claims courts.
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    Microsoft Will Bet You A New Laptop That It Can Upgrade Your PC To W10

    hmm, my computer has 40GB free of "Hard disk space" across 3 HDD drives. but only 4GB free on my ssd boot drive. I should go to a MS store.