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    FlexRAID shortcomings. NAS? Other Software?

    I will look into these. Thanks guys for the constructive feedback.
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    FlexRAID shortcomings. NAS? Other Software?

    Back on this. Still unstable. Some times it is multiple times a day. I did long SMART tests and analysis on ALL drive using HD Sentinel and no problems found. Any other product that will do pooling (No matter the size of disk) w/ a parity drive?
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    FlexRAID shortcomings. NAS? Other Software?

    I got a new JBOD card and found my parity drive was in fact failing. I swapped it with another drive, blew the config away, and set it up again rebuilding parity from scratch. Everything was good, but two nights ago it did the same damn thing again. Ugh.
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    FlexRAID shortcomings. NAS? Other Software?

    Someone mentioned to do a full drive test to see if there were some drives failing. Unfortunately I find out my older 3ware Escalade 8000 series card will not allow any HD Diag tools to run on the drives behind it. So now to find a new card I guess.
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    How do you label small cables?

    I couldnt justify the Brady/Panduit price so I went with a Dymo Rhino w/ the self-laminating labels. Sure it has its shortcomings however I have gone through 20+ cartridges without issue. I use to mainly for ethernet cables in our data center, server rooms, and branch offices. Edit: I made a...
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    FlexRAID shortcomings. NAS? Other Software?

    Thats what I thought about FlexRAID :P And it is simple to setup and manage. When something goes wrong though, good luck!
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    FlexRAID shortcomings. NAS? Other Software?

    2.0u12 final [Snapshot 1.4 stable / Storage Pool 1.0 stable / Real-Time 1.0 experimental] more is my current version and according to their site it is the latest stable. This week it has been pretty good, but the next time it happens I will kill CrashPlan and give it a shot. Don't want to go...
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    FlexRAID shortcomings. NAS? Other Software? There is my thread over there with my issue. Unfortunately even setting the logs to Trace level do not show any errors. I was having a similar issue last year and they swore up and down it was memory related. I replaced the RAM and the same...
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    FlexRAID shortcomings. NAS? Other Software?

    I have been using FlexRAID's RAID-F for a couple years now. For the price and ease of setup it was great. However I have been having horrible stability issues. Support for FlexRAID is at a minimum and the developer is less than helpful in most cases. I constantly have problems with the pooled...
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    multi-year multi-million infrastructure overhaul

    OP: This is amazing. I am doing the same thing (On much smaller scale) in our organization. Blows my mind how people can just perform a 'It works so I dont need to touch it' in regards to cable management, labeling, etc. Bravo to you.
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    Steam Early Access: Rust

    I got this as a gift and just started playing it. Got a copy for my buddy as well. It is much more fun with a friend. We are playing on a rather empty vanilla server just to get the hang of it. We will migrate to another server once we got it down. I played tons of hours of DayZ Mod and SA. So...
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    IT Resume Thread

    My company is hiring a HelpDesk Analyst position. Job is located in Hillsboro, OR (Suburb of Portland, OR). Feel free to ask any questions you may have. We had the job posting up, took it down when we had a candidate, but he left for Intel instead. Job posting is not back up yet. I will post the...
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    Looking for IP cameras to place in lobby's so receptionist can see who wants in Ive been installing those like crazy. For the ~$100 or so they are well worth it. However Axis is a good brand and the interface is better, but atleast twice the cost.
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    DayZ $29.99

    In a post in GenMay I posted saying I would not be purchasing an alpha @ $30. Coworker ended up buying me a copy. It runs decent for an Alpha, but I still wouldnt have paid $30 for it. Will I continue to play it? For sure. Coworker keeps talking about all of the things implemented, but I have...
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    Console cable to patch panel?

    We use those 16 Port Digi term servers, works great.