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    GPU Bestbuy drop happening now

    6900xt Merc there in stock now for $1499, lol
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    Need a little help choosing a motherboard

    I would bite the bullet and get the Dark Hero. Until other brands come out with the OC feature the Dark Hero has, they'll all be "also rans" in the overclocking realm. Dunno if you've read up on it but you can manually overclock the all-core yet retain the ability to use the boost clocks for...
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    What temp improvement should I expect going from 360mm AIO to a custom loop for 5950x?

    Here's the rub with custom loops. You want better performance? You gonna pay for every bit of the improvement...They're no different than "buying" more horsepower for your car/truck/van/scooter... The level of performance you want is what's going to drive the like the other poster...
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    Consensus on Vertical Video Card Mount?

    The sound card has a slot plate on the back which attaches it to the case. Get a friend with a 3D Printer to print a replacement plate that you can use to mount it vertically, and use a PCIe Extension cable to plug it into the PCIe slot. You'll have to drill holes in the case to use your ports...
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    Consensus on Vertical Video Card Mount?

    What case are you using? You can 3D print the MSI Expander card design I have and just bolt it to the back of the case. With my design, you remove the steel "slot" attachment and bolt on the mount. Works like a champ. and you can print the design in whatever color your case is and you can mount...
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    Consensus on Vertical Video Card Mount?

    I like the Phanteks one I'm using with my 2080Waterforce card with custom loop. It installed easily and has not sagged since i installed it in January of 2019. Excuse the potato quality of the photo. My vidcard is somewhat blocked by the M.2 Expander card I also mounted vertically using a 3D...
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    Origin is selling a retro-inspired beige box PC

    That retro case would be perfect with Noctua fans!
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    Path of Exile

    I was playing my best build the other day (lvl 94 witch using Frozen Pulse) the other evening and lamenting the fact that even with 10k eHP I am unable to consistently run end game content and someone mentioned Esoro's Bleed Bow setup. I had a couple of 6L bows of ~320-ish DPS and a nice 6L...
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    Huge availability coming in mid December and January - Source: GamerMeld

    Can confirm latest gouge is that there is a large shipment due. Cannot name source.
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    Huge availability coming in mid December and January - Source: GamerMeld

    My budget for my new system is right around $6k. I could "almost" go pre-built just to not deal with the hassle...but I have too many parts left over from my previous build to "feasibly" do that...
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    Path of Exile

    I should have revised that post quoted above. I sold just 4 Item Quantity gems for 43Ex each (a total of 172Ex) so it's more like 300Ex minimum from recovering the old stuff. I made a reddit thread about my current character asking for suggestions to improve it and I got what I believe to be...
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    GPU stock numbers

    ShopBLT has a bunch on order and are expecting them ~14 Dec 2020. You can pre-order 6800XTs now through them.
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    Any idea of best x570 mobo for 5950x as of right now?

    I currently have the Prestige Creation from MSI. I'd rather have Chlamydia.